PENTAGON Unveils An Intriguing Track List For Their Upcoming Album “WE:TH”

PENTAGON Unveils An Intriguing Track List For Their Upcoming Album “WE:TH”

Universe get ready to see PENTAGON bloom with their comeback album WE:TH!

PENTAGON revealed a serene track list for their upcoming comeback album. Their 10th mini album titled WE:TH will be featuring six spectacular songs.


Presented as a cleverly designed journal, it showcases the album art on the left. The image is aesthetic and sublime in all its simplicity. It features a delicately outlined flower along with the album’s name accompanied by its release date. On the right, it spotlights the titles of each of the songs, namely, the title track “데이지,” “Beautiful Goodbye,” “그해 그달 그날,” “You Like,” “Paradise (빌이 빛나는 이 밤).”

It also includes a CD-Only song, “I’m Here” which is member Jinho’s solo track that is also written and composed by him.  Moreover, members Hui, Wooseok and Kino have participated in the writing and composition of all the other tracks on the mini-album.

Previously, the group also unveiled an interview film titled “WE: PENTAGON”. The release of the video commenced the group’s promotion schedule for their upcoming 10th mini album WE:TH.

In the mesmerizing monochrome video, PENTAGON opened up and spoke about the songs that represent them the most. Hui chose Park Hyo Sin’s “Wildflower”, Hongseok chose PENTAGON’s “Alien”, Shinwon chose PENTAGON’s “Naughty Boy”, Yeo One chose his own track “Hope”, Yanan chose PENTAGON’s “Spring Snow”, Yuto chose The Heavy’s “Same Ol'”, Kino chose Chet Baker’s “I Fall in Love Too Easily” and Wooseok chose the track titled “Domino”.

In the video they spoke about why each of their chosen tracks resonated with them, they additionally spoke also about their growth, their music, and more and made sincere and sweet confessions of what made them sad and happy.

Meanwhile, PENTAGON’s comeback album WE:TH will be released on multiple music sources on October 12 6 PM KST.

Source: CUBE Entertainment

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