PENTAGON’s Hui Allures In Arena Homme+ Pictorial

PENTAGON’s Hui Allures In Arena Homme+ Pictorial

PENTAGON’s Hui charms with his godly visuals in his first solo pictorial and interview for Arena Homme+ magazine before his enlistment!

PENTAGON’s multitalented leader Hui’s first solo pictorial was released for Arena Homme+ magazine. The pictorial holds meaning because it is one that had been conducted before his upcoming enlistment. The singer posed for the December issue of the magazine, under the concept of “LONG LONG NIGHT ALONE”.

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In the interview that followed, Hui spoke about his feelings after winning first place with “Daisy” after 4 years of debut. He said, “I felt a lot of pressure because it was my last album before joining the army. The members also said before Hui hyung went to the army, we wished we could win first place, and it is a song that was made with great consideration, and I’m very thankful for the result.”

Hui spoke about what gives him strength with utmost sincerity. “I started as a trainee when I was 16, and after debuting at the age of 24, I was so desperate. When I was young, I was a long-distance athlete on the track. Long-distance running is just a run. But others say it’s great. I just ran without giving up. It’s become a habit, to not give up. If you fall, you get up, and you do it somehow.  I worked hard in PENTAGON, wrote a lot of songs, entertained, and also did musicals, I’m leaving after completing my bucket list,” he averred.


The talented singer has written various tracks for PENTAGON, including the chart-topper “Shine”. Hui’s songs have a very optimistic vibe with the message of ‘let’s not give up, let’s not get tired, laugh’. He said, “It was a situation where I had no choice but to write such lyrics. As a result, music is my story. But I always told the members that the person who holds on is the winner. If you don’t give up, an opportunity will come someday, and let’s be prepared to not miss that opportunity. The members also believed in it. And now we were rewarded with winning first place for “Daisy”.

Hui, who is also a composer of hit songs such as Wanna One’s “Energetic,” said, “I draw the stage in my head even before I make music. The overall mood, costumes, props, dancers’ movements, and even the singer’s character are considered for specific themes, then they make songs and participate in various aspects, including choreography and costumes, to take the stage,” he said. The vocalist added, “Fashion is as important as music to make the stage.”


Regarding his feelings of leaving the group for a while and enlisting in the army, Hui expressed, “I feel relieved because I’ve done everything I want to do. I’ve been talking a lot with the members lately and I’ve been trying to share my role. It’s like taking over. I’m going to fill my vacancy casually, and I’m going to do well.” The charismatic artist who is 28 years old will be 30 when he returns from the army, he said, “I will be in my 30s when I get back. I will prepare well for Hui in his 30s and come back.”


Meanwhile, the full pictorial and interview of PENTAGON’s Hui can be found in the December issue of Arena Homme+ magazine.

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Source: Sports Donga

Photo Credits: Arena Homme+ Magazine

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