PENTAGON’s Kino Teams Up With Unordinary Sunday On A Single Titled “Poison”

PENTAGON’s Kino Teams Up With Unordinary Sunday On A Single Titled “Poison”


PENTAGON’s Kino serenaded with his dulcet tunes for the first project album by the alternative label Unordinary Sunday. The label is created by professional producers who have worked with various artists and have collaborated with new musicians to bring forth an all-round music experience to listeners.


Unordinary Sunday’s first Project Album VOL. 1 Poison is created by producer Zion, 17-year-old producer Soho, and the one and only Kino. The single titled “Poison” is a song that contains the feelings of someone who knows that the other person’s existence is harmful to them and yet choose to be with them anyway.

The track features a piano and guitar rhythm backed with synth bass that perfectly complements Kino’s sweet-sounding vocals that enrapture to state the least. It surely wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the PENTAGON member sounds like an absolute dream with his honeyed harmonies.


Kino impresses with his subdued falsetto and breathy notes especially towards the end of the track that sees a more jazzy melody coming into play as he sings, “Even if I lose my sight/ One thing I want is to be with you/ Now I’m out of my mind/ Lost in the dark but I’ll be with you/ I’m not getting anything but you/ You’re poison to me, but it’s okay/ It’s gonna be right/ You’re killing me but I’ll be with you”.

To say that “Poison” is an addictive number would indeed be an understatement as Kino captivates with his innate charm that is reflective in his soothing vocals.

Kino showcased his musical genius recently on PENTAGON’s 10th mini album WE:TH  that released on various music sources on October 12. The album stunned with its versatile sound styles and especially on the winner of a track titled “Daisy“. The multitalented singer showcased his musical prowess on the album as well, as he participated in the songwriting, composition, and production aside from dazzling with his vocals on the album.


Furthermore, he has showcased that he is indeed a musical ace and has proved that by having composed some of PENTAGON’s various hits including “VIOLET”, “Spring Snow”, and “Runaway”, to name a few.


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