Rain Reveals His Company’s First Boy Group Ciipher

Rain Reveals His Company’s First Boy Group Ciipher

The icon himself, Rain made an exciting revelation announcing the arrival of a new boy group that is sure to set the K-Pop scene ablaze!

Rain had previously hinted at a good news coming fans’ way on his official SNS. It has now been revealed that CIIPHER, a new boy group produced by Rain, will be making their debut early next year.

An official from Rain Company announced that “CIIPHER is scheduled to be making their debut early next year, not this year”. They added, “More information on the members will be released on the official website later and they will make their first appearance on Rain’s YouTube channel ‘SeasonBSeason’”.

Rain first disclosed the news when he released a picture of the rookie boy group on his Instagram at noon on December 10 with a caption that read as, “Excited to introduce Rain Company’s first boy band CIIPHER on today’s episode of SeasonBSeason! Don’t miss out!!”

The released photo saw some very familiar faces particularly Park Sungwon from Under Nineteen Kil Dohwan from YG Treasure Box, Moon Hyun Bin from Produce 101, and Choi Seokwon from No Mercy.

According to sources, Ciipher has been preparing to debut for about three years. Also, a majority of the members have been on an audition program and/or were trainees at large agencies as well.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for further updates on the upcoming boy group CIIPHER!

Source: Star News

Photo Credits: Rain Company

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