SEVENTEEN Announces The Release Of Self-Produced Magazine ‘GOING’

SEVENTEEN Announces The Release Of Self-Produced Magazine ‘GOING’

Carats you are really ‘going’ to love what Seventeen has in store for you!

SEVENTEEN surprised fans as they shared some capturing cuts from their upcoming self-produced magazine GOING.

The group released the pre-order schedule for the same along with a still of the back cover of the magazine. SEVENTEEN certainly shine on each of the snaps that spotlight their unparalleled charms. The magazine GOING is part of a project for the group’s own content, ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2020’.

In an episode for the same, it was revealed that member Mingyu came up with the idea for creating a magazine with the members stating, “Ending the year 2020, I’ve thought of shooting a self-produced magazine by SEVENTEEN. It became bigger than I expected. The title of the magazine is GOING”.

Moreover, the members directly participated in the overall photoshoot – all from shooting to design, editing, and styling. The stylists for the photoshoot were The8 and Joshua. In charge of making the group look sleek and stylish were the two hair designers, Jun and Woozi, while the one in charge of filming the behind-the-scenes was member Wonwoo.

As revealed by Mingyu, the DJs at the party after the photoshoot were BooSeokSoon (DK, Seungkwan, and Hoshi). As for S. Coups and Dino, they were designated the role of Mingyu’s assistants. Jeonghan and Vernon played their part as the reporters who were in charge of the interview portions of the pictorial. Last but not least, Mingyu directed the shoot as the photographer.


The monochrome and magnetic back cover of the GOING features Mingyu in focus with a lively expression with the hands of the members around the rapper in a playful fashion. Besides this, more individual, as well as group cuts showcasing the radiating charisma of SEVENTEEN, are included in the magazine.

So far, individual shots of S. Coups, Joshua, Wonwoo, and Vernon were released sequentially to amplify the excitement of fans ahead of the magazine’s release. Despite it being produced solely by the group, it shows off their multifaceted uniqueness through the striking high-quality stills.

What’s more? SEVENTEEN announced that the group would donate some of its profits from their magazine. Preorders will be held through the fan commerce platform “Weverse Shop” from February 15 to February 21, and details can be found through the app or the website.



Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN has established themselves as an iconic group with immense talents. From self-production to building a solid narrative from their albums, the group is planning to continue their ever-rising success in 2021, starting with surprising everyone with unlimited growth by challenging the new genre of pictorial production.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: Pledis Entertainment

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