SF9 Drops An Enigmatic Prologue Video + Title Poster For “TURN OVER”

SF9 Drops An Enigmatic Prologue Video + Title Poster For “TURN OVER”


SF9 are certainly raising anticipations with their latest reveals. The group delighted as they released the prologue as well as a title poster of their new album TURN OVER across their official SNS.

This video is a prologue that infers the narrative of SF9’s ninth mini-album TURN OVER. The clip focuses on a golden snake that slithers towards a white tree before burrowing under the same. At that moment, the bedazzling boy group enters the scene. They look like absolute scene-stealers dressed in edgy black ensembles. The tree then begins to wither while the achromatic still sees the members start to freeze up. The video, with its peculiar portrayal, certainly piques curiosities for what’s to unfold through the new album.

The title poster too mirrors the overall essence of the prologue video with its muted gray color scheme. The image features three cards with the initials of the group SF9 alongside the words ‘sensational’ and ‘feeling 9’. However, each of the cards has a separate focus word. This includes, “GLORY” on an upside-down card, and two upright cards with the words “CHANCE” and “CHANGE”.


But wait. That’s not all! Given SF9’s penchant for coded teasers, the letters, which are written in runes translate to Wunjo meaning Joy, Kenaz meaning Torch, and Ihwaz or Eihwaz meaning Yew. These further fuel expectations as to what they mean. Moreover, it will be intriguing to see how pivotal they are to the lead track “Tear Drop”.

SF9’s upcoming mini-album TURN OVER marks as the third and final album of the “9lory” worldview series. The series is one that the multitalented group has been unraveling since last year. The first album in the series titled FIRST COLLECTION saw SF9 finally uniting around nine spherical golden bracelets and while the eighth mini-album 9loryUS focussed on the brilliant moments of glory.

The third album will seemingly be reflective of its title TURN OVER and will put emphasis on the idea of SF9’s will to pioneer their own destiny without yielding to their set fate.

SF9 has been creating waves and with good reason. The group impressed viewers across the globe with power-packed performances and their dynamic style with their participation in the recently concluded Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War. Through their awe-inspiring stages, they certainly made a resounding statement which furthermore results in amplified excitements for their upcoming comeback.


More promotional content of SF9’s new album will be revealed sequentially across their official SNS. Meanwhile, the group’s ninth mini album TURN OVER will be releasing across various music sites on July 5 at 6 PM KST.

Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment

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