SF9’s Chani, N.FLying’s Seung Hyub And Park Jung Yeon To Star In New Musical Fantasy Drama

SF9’s Chani, N.FLying’s Seung Hyub And Park Jung Yeon To Star In New Musical Fantasy Drama


SF9’s Chani, N-Flying’s Seung hyub, and actress Park Jung Yeon are all set to star in leading roles in SKY Channel’s fantasy musical romance drama titled 가시리잇고 (literal title: Are you leaving?).

The drama is an adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name. It showcases the love and dreams of these 20-year old characters who have been reincarnated in this life. 

Chani, is set to play the role of Park Yeon, a musician known as one of three musical geniuses along with U Reuk and Wang San Ak  in his previous life. His character is one who possesses a good personality and is a pure hearted person who doesn’t lie and loves everything.

N.Flying’s leader and actor Seung hyub will be seen in the role of Lee Won who is a sought after vocalist, and has risen to the top with hard work rather than relaying on just his talent and who is attracted to Min Yoo-jung.

Essaying the role of Min Yoo-jung is Park Jung Yeon. Min Yoo-jung is someone who is strong and full of life, despite having a difficult life that revolves around work. She has been living by herself since elementary school, and dreams of becoming a singer.The drama will showcase backdrops of court music halls during the Joseon era as well as the entertainment agencies of present times. The story follows the journey of these characters in the present timelines as well as their past lives in historical eras which adds to the interesting fantasy plot and is sure to captivate the attention of the audiences. 

가시리잇고 (literal title: Are you leaving?) is scheduled to air on the SKY channel following a pre-release on the OTT platform Seezn in January 2021.  


Source: Sports Chosun

Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment

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