SHINee’s Key Charms In Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial

SHINee’s Key Charms In Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial


SHINee’s Key unveiled a stunning series of photos for his first pictorial interview with Cosmopolitan Korea after his military discharge earlier this month. Looking effortlessly suave in the images, the singer’s striking visuals are highlighted in the cool themed shoot with predominantly purple and blue hues adding to his charisma.

The talented artist shared insights into his military service in the interview, wherein he stated, “The things I gained from the military were health and people. It was a time where I could learn a lot by meeting friends who made music together in the military band.” The singer also admitted that it wasn’t easy for him to adjust but he did have a good time.

Further, Key also spoke about how he enjoyed receiving letters over gifts from his juniors in the military. He said, “I guess they feel pressured to always buy me something nice. People could feel that way after seeing how I present myself on social media or TV, but I’m a very simple person.”

Elaborating his love for his fans, the SHINee member said, “I think it took a long time for me to get to the point where I can show my fans as much of myself as I want. I want to show high-quality things to the fans who waited a long time for me.”

Key then mentioned his fellow SHINee members and said that “affection” is the emotion he feels toward them. He explained, “Everything about it feels obvious and natural. When someone asks me how much I love my members or how close I am to them, it’s hard for me to answer. It’s like asking how much I love my mom. It’s a relationship that’s hard to express through words.”

Key also shared that he will continue to do new things and focus on being successful in that to avoid disappointing others. The talented vocalist shared, “When I was younger, I never thought that I’d become the person I am today. As there are more people who approve of my decisions than there were in the past, I think that’ll keep happening in the future.”

Meanwhile, the entire pictorial along with Key’s full interview is available in the November issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

Source: Xports News

Photo Credits: Cosmopolitan Korea

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