Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” Music Video Garners 100 Million Views

Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” Music Video Garners 100 Million Views

Stray Kids have achieved quite the delectable feat wouldn’t you agree STAYs?

If there was a Michelin star for music, Stray Kids would effortlessly attain it as the gods of the musical kitchen have served up a fiery dish with “God’s Menu” and viewers have evidently savored every bit of it as the music video for the same surpassed 100 million views on YouTube!

“God’s Menu” is the title track from Stray Kids’ recent comeback album GO生/ GO LIVE. The music video of the track ensures an unforgettable experience.  The ambiance of the track is addictive to put it simply especially when fused with its intense video.

“God’s Menu” is a piquant number belonging to the ‘Maramat’ genre of music which is pioneered by Stray Kids themselves. And so, this track captures the essence of the group’s musical capabilities in a tasteful way. The lyrics are witty and make use of food analogies that make for a wonderful listening experience.


Stray Kids’ matchless talents shine on “God’s Menu.” The track is so versatile in it style and offers so many flavors – spicy raps, sweet vocals and salty rhythms as per everyone’s tastes and unquestionably so. 

Moreover, with cutting edge and eye-catching choreography, especially with movements that mimic knife work and sprinkling salt over their heads, Stray Kids truly enthralled in each and every frame in their traditional chef attires.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids are gearing up for the release of their special repackage album IN生, or In Life that will be coming out on September 14.

Celebrate Stray Kids’ latest feat by watching the video for “God’s Menu” here:


Source: JYP Entertainment

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