Stray Kids’ Han Stirs With A Striking Self-Written Song Titled “Alien”

Stray Kids’ Han Stirs With A Striking Self-Written Song Titled “Alien”

Stays buckle up as Stray Kids’ Han takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride with this riveting number!

Stray Kids’ Han revealed a stunning new self-written SKZ-RECORD on the group’s official YouTube channel. Titled “Alien”, the track is co-composed alongside fellow 3RACHA member and Stray Kids’ loveable leader Bang Chan.

The track is certainly poignant as it is powerful as it makes quite a resounding statement with its relatable yet heartfelt lyricism. The track talks of feeling disconnected and lonely.

Through the sincere and somber lines such as, “I am an alien on this earth/ I don’t seem to belong anywhere/ No matter how much I smile, I feel so lonely/ I’m trying to blend in with the Earth/ Yet no one hears me,” Han tugs at heartstrings as he opens up about feeling as though not having a place to belong.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that Han truly captures the attention of listeners with his emotion laced vocals. Taking breaths away with his spellbinding high registers, the Stray Kids member reiterates that he is a multitalented musician to simply say so. Moreover, the track features profound verses like,

“There are countless dreams in the sky/ Don’t care about depression, too/ Yeah, I have to live/ If it falls, everything will be ruined, even your dreams.

It’s gonna be a bluff, even a dream/ Even the breath I had here/ It was so bitter and painful, but I can hold it in/ Don’t you want it for your dream?”

Through this harmonious track, not only does Han highlight his dynamic rap skills, but proves his mettle as a powerhouse artist too with “Alien”.


Meanwhile, Stray Kids are gearing up to hold their first online fan meeting and communicate with fans all around the world. Titled Stray Kids 1ST #LoveSTAY SKZ-X, the event will take place live via Naver V LIVE at 3 PM KST on February 20. Additionally, the group will also be seen competing on Mnet’s show Kingdom which is slated to air in April.

Photo | Video Credits: JYP Entertainment

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