Stray Kids Hits 100 Million Views On YouTube With “Back Door” MV

Stray Kids Hits 100 Million Views On YouTube With “Back Door” MV

Stray Kids has unlocked all doors to success and has proved the same after their spectacular music video for “Back Door” surpassed 100 million views on YouTube!

Stray Kids has achieved yet another stellar feat after the music video of their chart-topping hit “Back Door” attained over 100 million views on YouTube.

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“Back Door” is Stray Kids’s third music video to strike 100 million views after “MIROH” and “God’s Menu”. The latter set the record to be the fastest music video by the fabulous boy group to reach 100 million views in about two months since its release.

After having garnereing such spectacular number of views for their music video for “Back Door” Stray Kids took to their official SNS express their gratitude for the same. The multitalented group recently uploaded an acrostic poem using the word “Back Door” to thank their beloved STAYs for their unconditional love and support.

Stray Kids

Starting with leader Bang Chan, who endearingly wrote, “100 percent Fact! 100%, if you shout ‘Help me’, I’ll run to you no matter where you are, STAY!”. Next Changbin averred, “100 million views!, should we challenge it?, alright!” while Hyunjin sweetly expressed, “They have a million charms? Who in the world is this team… Ah SKZ”.

“Back Door is nice too but you’ll still like me in the end anyway STAY,” I.N lovingly stated as Felix adorably expressed, “Whether it’s a 100 million times during the 100 years to open the door. Thanks for being with us even for one day!”. Seungmin showered STAYs with love through his poem that read as, “It’s a 100 marks, STAY!!! How in the world do you guys keep doing good things like this!!! It’s just like a 100 million kisses.”

Stray Kids

Lee Know surely made STAYs smile as he said, “I’ll give you a 100 won, let’s run away. Where to? To see Back Door”. Last but certainly not least, Han shared his heartwarming poem. It read as, “Achieving 1 million, 10 million, 100 million views… if it wasn’t for their help, it would have been impossible. So what I’m saying is that – Uh… I’m thankful and I love you”.

“Back Door” belongs to ‘Maramat’ genre which has been pioneered by the alluring group. The track has evolved a step further from their previous work “God’s Menu”. It is written and composed by the group’s producing team, 3RACHA.

Moreover, the music video saw unique filming styles where Stray Kids asked STAYs “Hey, you wanna come in?” as they opened the door into their grand world that transcends space and time.

Through their compelling and captivating concept, “Back Door” has also been chosen as one of TIME Magazine’s Best Songs of 2020 making Stray Kids the only K-Pop act to be included in the list.

Meanwhile, celebrate STRAY KIDS’ awe-inspiring achievement by watching their fiery music video for “Back Door” here:

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Source | Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment

Poem Translations From: Stray Kids Global

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