SuperM Accelerate Anticipations For “Super One” With “100”

SuperM Accelerate Anticipations For “Super One” With “100”

SuperM go boom, boom, boom, boom like a dynamite as they burst forth with explosive energy in their high octane pre-release track “100”! 

SuperM released a powerful music video for their pre-release track “100” today. The single marks the first track from their first comeback album project Super One.

The song is dynamic as well as addictive due to its high energy breakbeat rhythm consisting of heart thumping dubstep merged with a power pack bassline to mimic the sense of speed. Moreover, member Mark participated in writing as well as composing the inspiring song that encourages listeners stating that nothing is impossible.

Dressed up as race car drivers the septet steals the show with their superlative styles as they showcase a fiery synergy not just in individual sequences but also as a group with captivating choreography and edgy looks. Additionally, SuperM stun viewers with their spectacular visuals and passionate performances amidst backdrops reminiscent of science fiction movies.


“100” stays true to SuperM’s futuristic sound style with heart thumping beats that are backed  by the impressive vocal ranges of the members that bring the uplifting sentiment of the song to life with flamboyance as they sing, “Walk in like we own it/ We roll deep like we going to war/ We coming at you like the eye of the storm (Let’s get it),” while further expressing confidence with lines such as, “You might be a boss, but we run this city like/ Foot to the floor, there ain’t no taming the beast/ We come full force ’cause we here making history.”


SuperM truly raise the excitement with this track and with it, anticipations as well. The group will be unveiling yet another track titled, “Tiger Inside” on September 1 before finally releasing their first comeback album Super One on September 25.

Source: SM Entertainment

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