SuperM Announces Their First Full Album Project “Super One”

SuperM Announces Their First Full Album Project “Super One”

SM Entertainment’s Avengers are coming back!

SuperM’s fans were in for a pleasant surprise today morning as the group announced their first regular album Super One on their various SuperM official social media accounts.


Prior to this album’s release, the powerhouse group will unveil their new single “100”, which will be released at 1 PM KST on August 14. They will then follow the release with their fiery number titled, “Tiger Inside” on September 1. Following these exciting releases, SuperM will then unveil their highly anticipated comeback album Super One on September 25.

The two singles are a part of the Super One album whose concept is “We are all special (Super) beings, each has the power of one.” Further adding a special touch to the songs on this album, the group wants to tell the fans that let’s overcome obstacles together through the compositions.

The super group comprised of talented idols Taemin, Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Mark, Lucas and Ten has been loved by fans globally due to their energetic music, synergy and dynamic performances. With this new album, they want to deliver a meaningful message full of hope and passion to their fans around the world.

Moreover, the group has also found popularity among music charts as well with SuperM achieving the first rank in the Billboard 200 chart with their debut album SuperM which released in October last year.

The first comeback of the group has raised the excitement and anticipation levels among fans as it comes after about 11 months post their debut. And fans are in for some more moments with the group as they announced an extensive global activity and promotion schedule for Super One.

Source: iMBC

Images Credit: SM Entertainment

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