SuperM Embrace Their Wild Sides In The Music Video For The Track “Tiger Inside”

SuperM are super stellar in a stunning music video for their track “Tiger Inside”!

SuperM unleashed their fierce personas in the equally fiery music video of their track “Tiger Inside” from their first upcoming comeback album Super One. 

“Tiger Inside” is a dance track  that boasts of a very impressive melody with synth sounds reminiscent of a tiger’s growls backed with powerful distorted 808 bass samples that is composed by Moonshine and Alexander Magnus Karlsson. Furthermore, the song is written by Hwang Yoo Bin and the lyricism is awe-inspiring as it an expression of the message, “Let’s overcome the hardships that come at us with the beast inside all of us.”

The music video is absolutely magnificent in all its grandiose glory. The majestic settings as well as the members’ edgy styles personify the essence of the track “Tiger Inside” to the core in the most glamorous way. Moreover, SuperM are a sight to behold with their captivating bold choreography that mimics the movements of a tiger.

With “Tiger Inside” and their pre-release single “100” for which the group previously revealed a heart racing music video for,  SuperM has truly showcased their versatility as ace musicians and amplified anticipations for their first comeback album that is set to release later this month.

Meanwhile, SuperM will be releasing their SuperM THE STAGE sequentially on their official YouTube channel and on the Naver TV SMTOWN channel at 8 PM KST on September 3. On September 25, the Avengers of K-Pop will be making their return with their first regular album Super One that will be released on multiple music sources.

Source: SM Entertainment

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