SuperM Impresses With A Beautiful Performance At WHO’s “The Big Event For Mental Health”

SuperM Impresses With A Beautiful Performance At WHO’s “The Big Event For Mental Health”


SuperM recently performed at WHO’s online event “The Big Event For Mental Health”. The event was broadcast live on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitch. The group was the only K-pop artist to participate in the program and garnered a lot of positive reviews for the same.

“The Big Event For Mental Health” was designed to promote the importance of mental health and how to manage it and to encourage all mental health programs to be provided for the same.

In order to spread this beautiful message, SuperM not only spoke about the importance of mental health, but also warmed hearts with their sweet performance of their track “Better Days”. The track is a comforting number from their recent comeback album Super One. 

“Better Days” is a piano and contrabass based R&B-influenced soft track that a stirring as well as a soulful number with an uplifting message at its core with its lyrics such as, “I know that it feels like the world is falling down/ And you can’t make it through/ There’s gon’ be better days/ Just gotta hold on/ Yeah, I know that it hurts, but the sun will shine through/ There’s gon’ be better days/ Around the corner, it’s true/ I said, “I know there’s gonna be better days for you”.

(Photo Credits: SM Entertainment)

Through the initiative, SuperM affirmed the inspiring message that “We are all special (Super) beings, each has the power of one, so let’s overcome the difficulties we are experiencing as being one force”. With such a powerful performance, SuperM delivered a sense of healing to those suffering mentally due to the ongoing COVID-19 global situation.

Source: Star News

Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

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