Taemin Takes Over Hearts And Charts With His Thrilling Track “2 Kids”

Taemin Takes Over Hearts And Charts With His Thrilling Track “2 Kids”

Taemin evidently left fans awe struck with the prologue single “2 Kids” from his upcoming third album that will be releasing in two parts.

The SHINee singer stunned with his sentimental single “2 Kids” from his highly anticipated comeback album Never Gonna Dance Again. The guitar based electro pop track showcased Taemin’s delicate vocals that added an undeniable sensuous vibe to the song’s overall simple style. Whats more? The multi talented musician also took on the role of the writer for the track as well. 

The track is comforting and compelling as Taemin’s power packed vocals create an evocative ambiance that is bound to tug at listeners’ heart strings. “2 Kids” tells a heart rending tale of love and loss as the artist looks back at painful memories and sings,

“We were just 2 kids, too young and dumb/ Young, dumb and clumsy hearts/ Hold them tight on that particularly sad day/ You and I, you and I/ Wishing you would hold me but I pushed you/ Saying the words “I’m sorry” was Uhm/ 2 kids, too young and dumb/ If I endured everything, would it be different?/ You and I.”

Besides the track, Taemin further spellbound viewers after he showcased his show stopping dance moves and hypnotizing visuals that brought the emotional message of the track to life.  The music video impressively captures the alluring artist’s performer and emotional vocalist sides. The music video as well as the track is testament to Taemin’s musical prowess. 

“2 Kids” was evidently loved by fans across the globe as the track topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 19 countries including Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, Philippines, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, India, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Mexico, Slovenia, Chile, Peru, Indonesia and El Salvador. Additionally, the single also topped domestic music charts, including Vibe and Genie.

Listen To Taemin’s “2 Kids” Here:

Source: SM Entertainment | Sports Donga

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