TREASURE Gets Ready To Unveil A Live Video Of The Track “ORANGE”

TREASURE Gets Ready To Unveil A Live Video Of The Track “ORANGE”

TREASURE gears up to showcase their impressive ‘color’ in the upcoming video for “Orange”!

TREASURE will be revealing a vibrant new clip with the release of their live video of their latest track. Titled, “Orange”, the song is one that is included in their recent third single album The First Step : Chapter Three. Raising the excitement for the same, YG Entertainment disclosed a beguiling poster for the live video of the track.


The poster exudes quite a warm feeling. It sees the silhouettes of a boy and a girl sitting side by side as they watch the orange sunset. The title of the song “ORANGE” hovers above the sun like a cloud in the twilight sky.

The artwork is unquestionably breathtaking. And, what is even more special about the poster is the fact that the artwork is painted by none other than TREASURE’s Asahi, who also composed the song.

“ORANGE” is a track belonging to the genre of ballads. In the song, its Neutro and Lo-fi sensibility shine through the blue prism of TREASURE. The track is heartfelt and reveals a certain kind of timelessness as it talks about waiting to break up with someone until both lovers are colored orange at the sunset. It is a song that exudes warmth like the sun that rises again.


The live video of  TREASURE’s “ORANGE” is scheduled to be released on November 20 at 6 PM KST. Unlike the stage for “MMM”, which focused more on hip-hop swag and intense performance, it is expected that will showcase their sweet sides and charms with “ORANGE”.

Meanwhile, TREASURE released their third single album The First Step : Chapter Three on November 6. Soon after its release, the title song “MMM” reached the top spot on Japan’s Line Music Top 100 Chart and Rakuten Music Real-Time rankings and placed at the top on iTunes charts in 8 countries

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

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