TXT Shine In Sweet Teaser Posters For “Way Home”

TXT Shine In Sweet Teaser Posters For “Way Home”

TXT is all set to make the day of love even lovelier as they gear up to release their delectable B-side track “Way Home”!

TXT [Tomorrow X Together] unleash their radiating charisma in capturing teaser posters for their upcoming release “Way Home”. A gorgeous group shot as well as striking individual images were released on the group’s official SNS.


The members look charming as they sit together in a classroom. Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai, all dazzle as they are dressed up in school uniforms.

TXT Soobin

The loveable leader of TXT exudes an air of mystery with his intense expression. Soobin certainly embodies the phrase ‘effortlessly cool’ in his individual poster as he expresses that “If you call my name, even sleeping stars will wake up”.


While he may have looked prepossessing in pastel, Yeonjun looks especially handsome with his dark locks and expressive gaze. The talented member looks mesmerizing so much so that it will surely be hard for MOA to tear their eyes off of him! He makes a resounding statement with not just his bold bearing but with the phrase “No kind of monster could chase us”.

TXT Beomgyu

Giving off those major faerie prince vibes is none other than the bedazzling Beomgyu. Looking enchanting in his casual chic look, the sweet singer promises to “Remember each other forever” in his beguiling still.

TXT Taehyun

Get ready to tie up those shoelaces MOA, as Taehyun proclaims, “We’ll run forever together,” in his uber cool click. He undoubtedly warms hearts with his magnetic visuals and striking demeanor.

Huening Kai

Last but definitely not least, Huening Kai enchants with his angelic features as he says, “I hear our song in my ears” in his alluring image. The TXT member undoubtedly spellbinds as he looks like the ultimate stunner.

TXT’s track “Way Home” is a superb R&B based B-side number from their recent hit album minisode1: Blue Hour. The track talks about a boy’s way back home from school. It showcases how even the familiar things seem unfamiliar to him. Through the track the breathtaking boy group aims to express the message that, ‘As long as we continue to remember each other, we will stay together forever’.

Meanwhile, TXT will be bringing forth some dreamy vibes with “Way Home” that they will be releasing on February 14.

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Photo Credits: Big Hit Entertainment

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