VERIVERY Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard World Digital Song Sales Charts With “G.B.T.B.”

VERIVERY Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard World Digital Song Sales Charts With “G.B.T.B.”


VERIVERY is truly making some striking moves and are on their way towards a global march. According to the chart released by Billboard, the very very talented group’s latest track “G.B.T.B” from their recently released mini album FACE US, has debuted at the No. 1 spot of the World Digital Song Sales chart for the week of October 27.

What makes this even more special is that the entry into the digital song chart is sees some of the biggest K-Pop acts including BTS, BLACKPINK and NCT competing on the same which is what makes this achievement quite groundbreaking to state the least.

Post the release of their 5th mini album, VERIVERY entered the top 10 iTunes album charts in 15 countries including the US and UK, Germany, Japan, France, Australia, Thailand, and Hong Kong, and ranked 4th on the US pop chart and 9th on the general chart.

VERIVERY’s track “G.B.T. B”  is an abbreviation of the phrase “Go Beyond The Barrier”. It is an electro trap beat number that creates a heart thumping listening experience. The song further expresses a hopeful message that we can overcome any obstacles together and eventually reach a new beginning.


Moreover, the group also expressed their elation of achieving this stellar feat. Dongheon said, “I didn’t even think about it, but I feel so good just thinking that so many people love our music. We will continue to be artists who are passionate about music and showcasing powerful stage so that our music will be loved all over the world.

Expressing his gratitude to fans, the multitalented leader sweetly added, “Most of all, our VERRERs! We are always thankful and we love you. I think our music exists because we are together. ”

Hoyoung agreed and averred, “I’m happy that we achieved this but most of all I’m grateful to all the VERRERs and I we’ll work harder in the future. Once again, I sincerely thank everyone.”

Gyehyeon said, “I am so happy that we entered the Billboard chart for the first time. I hope that it will be the number one gift for all the Jellyfish staff, hair, makeup, stylist staff, and our beloved fans.”


Yeonho, and Yongseung both expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their fans who they said are their biggest support system, asserting, “We ae really grateful and proud that the fans gave us such a big gift.”  Kangmin thanked the fans as well as his fellow members for working so hard to be able to attain this awesome feat,

VERIVERY have indeed showcased that they are the rookies on the rise and with this achievement it is only exciting than ever to see what the group will bring forth with their powerful music in the future as well.

Congratulations to VERIVERY and VERRERs!

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Photo Credits: Jellyfish Entertainment

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