VICTON’s Han Seung Woo Stuns With A Bold Music Video For His Track “Sacrifice”

VICTON’s Han Seung Woo Stuns With A Bold Music Video For His Track “Sacrifice”

VICTON’s Han Seung Woo left viewers speechless with his strong visuals and powerpacked vocals in the music video for the track “Sacrifice” from his solo debut album FAME.

The singer released the music video of the title track, “Sacrifice” from his first mini album FAME on August 10 6 PM KST.  The album marks the VICTON member’s first solo venture after 4 years since his debut.

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The album name FAME is symbolic of his determination to prove his mettle as a solo artist, and is an album that reflects Han Seung Woo’s struggles from his past and his sincerity of moving forward and showcasing his best as a musician. 

The title track, “Sacrifice” is a catchy number with a dynamic melody which blends genres of trap, pop, and R&B, and shows Han Seung Woo’s versatile vocal tones with his ad-libs and powerful rap verses. 

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“Sacrifice” is a track that is written by Han Seung Woo while the song is composed by JINBYJIN, Jakob Mihoubi, and Rudi Daouk. The lyricism talks about a fervent love that tethers at being obsessive as the singer expresses his feelings of going to any extent of making sacrifices for the one he loves, “Hide it, your shadow Your sweet whispers, too/ Only shine on me, pull me/ It’s better if you never go I just gotta sacrifice/ Leave me be, I like it now/ Oh she is mine/ Starting from today, drive me crazy more and more/ Oh Sacrifice, take my everything/ Obsessive, I’m more shameless than you think/ I’m going crazy but you’re not ready yet I say it’s okay even if the day ends like this.”

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Additionally, in the music video for “Sacrifice”, the amazing vocalist brings the lyrics to life with his intense demeanor as well as almost maniacal facial expressions that show emotions ranging from anger, fear to even desperation. A moment that particularly stands out in “Sacrifice” a slow paced solo dance segment by the soloist when he performs shirtless in a shallow pool of water which showcases a moment of vulnerability in an otherwise dark concept.

The video boasts of a dramatic cinematography with a huge number of backup dancers, fast cars and Han Seung Woo’s edgy looks seen in most of the sequences in the video. Overall, “Sacrifice” is a testament to Han Seung Woo’s capabilities as a musician which is also reflective in each track of his first mini album that gives an introspective look into the singer’s psyche in the most impressive way!

Listen To Han Seung Woo’s FAME Here:

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