WEi Gears Up For A New “Challenge” In Their Upcoming Comeback Album

WEi Gears Up For A New “Challenge” In Their Upcoming Comeback Album

This is not a drill — WEi is making their magnificent return with a new mini album this month!

WEi are on their way to dazzle listeners with some pathbreaking tunes this month. The group’s agency OUI Entertainment made the much-awaited announcement and stated, “WEi will be releasing their second mini-album IDENTITY: Challenge at 6 PM KST on February 24.”


This album is the group’s first comeback release after almost four months post their debut with the much loved album IDENTITY: First Sight in October last year. Furthermore, it also marks as the second act of their IDENTITY series, which explores the identity of WEi.

If the first album spotlighted the boy group’s youthful passion through refreshing and captivating music, IDENTITY: Challenge depicts their process of overcoming trials and becoming one through challenges.

WEi officially unveiled their teaser image announcing the album’s name and release date through their official SNS account, thereby confirming the exciting comeback.

In the released image, the six members of WEi look absolutely spectacular in their eye-catching, edgy ensembles. The group take breaths away with their unparalleled visuals and charisma. Moreover, striking a pose with six microphones in front of them, WEi unquestionably piques curiosities for what side of themselves they will unfold in the concept of the new album.

WEi has already proven their monster rookie status and have shown a strong presence ever since their debut that highlighted their multifold talents. The boy group is planning to steal the hearts of fans with an upgraded music style and performances through their new mini album.

Meanwhile, WEi’s second mini-album IDENTITY: Challenge will be released on various online music sites at 6 PM KST on February 24.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: OUI Entertainment

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