WEi Exudes Confidence And Charisma In The Latest Pictorial For @star1 Magazine

WEi Exudes Confidence And Charisma In The Latest Pictorial For @star1 Magazine


Wei are certainly making their mark as the rookies on the rise. Having debuted only recently with their mini album IDENTITY : First Sight, they have also showcased an electrifying synergy through their music and performances. And now, they have stirred hearts with their latest pictorial for the November issue of @star1 magazine.


WEi looks extremely show stopping with their  refreshing visuals that are spotlighted alongside their fashionable charms.

The group, who has showcased both, their cool and sexy personas during their performances of their debut song “Twilight” on stage spoke about the same. They stated, “We were very nervous until the day before the debut showcase.” They added, ”We were worried and trembling about showing the performance stage, but when all six of us were finally on stage, we enjoyed it.” WEiIn addition, WEi, has a common point of being a group that has members who have already made their debut since all of them are from audition programs. The members said, “We have been on stage a lot, so we have become seasoned like that. And that is part of the reason why we have an excellent unity. Because of those common points, we all felt a certain bond and we all quickly became friends.” WEiWEi also started working on songs including the title song “Twilight” and the subtitle track “Do Hwa-seon”. The members said that they would like to show more of their artistic visions in the future. They further asserted that they would continue to work hard on various aspects such as lyrics, rap making, and production.

Meanwhile, WEi who have already made quite an impression with their dynamic debut, will be making a style statement in an interview and full pictorial that can be found in the November issue of Star & Style @Star1 magazine.

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: @star1


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