WINNER’S Mino Releases An Awesome Track List For “TAKE”

WINNER’S Mino Releases An Awesome Track List For “TAKE”


WINNER’S Mino revealed a spectacular track list for his upcoming solo album TAKE. Featuring 12 songs in total, the release is sure to showcase the all round artist that Song Mino is. Each of the tracks have been written, composed and arranged by the multitalented musician himself.

Minho has previously produced his first solo studio album XX and it is therefore exciting to see the rapper reveal his distinct colors through his versatile music once again.

Showcasing a dynamic intensity in a black and white image that sees the artist bound by ropes in the poster, it reveals the name of the tracks including the title song “Run away”.

The lineup, further, has some ace artists featuring on the album as well. Artists such as IKON’s Bobby, who has previously showcased an electrifying synergy with Mino under the unit MOBB (MINO & BOBBY) in 2016, Zion.T, meenoi, DPR Live and BewhY will be seen participating on some of the tracks namely, “Ok man”, “Wa”, “I want to”, “Hop in”and “Book store”. 

 Anticipations are truly on the rise after the revelation of such a packed track list. Moreover, the WINNER member had also roused curiosities around the concept of the album after he released two artistic concept teasers recently for TAKE. The teasers both showcased and highlighted Mino’s visionary perspectives as well as superlative style. 

Meanwhile, Mino will be releasing his second solo full length album TAKE‘ at 6 PM KST on October 30. It has been about two years since the unveil of his first solo album XX. At the time of its release, XX took the top spot in 17 countries on the iTunes charts while its title song FIANCÉ also topped several top domestic as well as international music charts as well.

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