WINNER’s Mino Reveals An Energetic Performance Video For “Ok man” With IKON’s Bobby

WINNER’s Mino Reveals An Energetic Performance Video For “Ok man” With IKON’s Bobby


Song Mino caught the attention of fans with the unveil of an electrifying performance video for the track “Ok Man”. He stunned with his relaxed style that dripped with immense swag.

In the video, the multitalented musician showed off some smooth moves amidst a brilliant laser-lit setting which showcased an unrivaled spectrum with a different charm from the emotional ambiance of the video of the title song “Run Away“.

Making a blazing entry was none other than IKON’s Bobby, who also participated in the song on Mino’s recent release TAKE. He surprised viewers with his appearance in the second half of the video with his enrapturing raps and intense demeanor.

Song Mino and Bobby looked like the embodiment of the term cool as they exuded major chill vibes, dressed in contrasting colored costumes, while they jammed to the hard-hitting beat, raising the energy and excitement of the viewers.

“Ok Man” is a hip-hop song with a fun mix of unique FX effects over heavy bass and drum sounds. With the addictive melody and with IKON’s Bobby featuring on the track, it has garnered much attention as the title song itself after its release.

Prior to the release of this performance video, the dynamic duo had taken to the stage on MBC’s Show! Music Core to perform “Ok man”. This stunning stage was presented in about 4 years after having performed as the unit MOBB (MINO & BOBBY) in 2016. With the recent stage, they drew a lot of attention, with the video exceeding 1 million views, due to their dominating stage presence as well as matchless synergy.

Mino’s recent 2nd solo album TAKE that dropped on October 30, has been garnering rave reviews for its bold musical style ever since its release. Following his first solo album XX, with TAKE, the WINNER member showcased his musical genius with having produced all the songs within the album showcasing his wide musical spectra, all from hip-hop, R&B, ballad, and dance. Moreover, the album’s title song “Run Away” topped major domestic music charts such as Naver Music, Vibe, Bugs, and Genie, along with the other songs including “Ok man”.

Photo | Video Source: YG Entertainment

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