Wonho Evokes An Enigmatic Vibe In His Second Set Of Concept Photos

Wonho Evokes An Enigmatic Vibe In His Second Set Of Concept Photos


Wonho is on his way to slay and this latest set of concept photos proves just that. With this latest reveal, the versatile vocalist is definitely not playing as he blesses the world with his elegant style.


The first frame is nothing short of being utterly spellbinding. Wonho looks magnetizing as he channels major Pisces vibes posing amidst crashing water waves. The overall style of the shot unquestionably exudes a mystical air which only adds to the stunning soloist’s innate glam.

These next two stills may be similar but they undoubtedly they differ in their overall atmosphere. Both the images see the handsome singer rocking those deep blue tresses and a contrasting peachy pink suit. Where one photo spotlights Wonho’s confident charms with pure finesse, the other shot accents his coquettish expression and charismatic features.

Last, but certainly not least, Wonho redefines the phrase “sweet meets sexy” with this click. The dashing singer ensures that all the focus is on him as he enchants with his bold gaze and demeanor. Additionally, he raises the intrigue with various water-related motifs such as the fishbowl and his blue paint-stained hands.


There is no doubt that the second set of concept photos are the definition of perfection. Moreover, having described himself as a person who flows like water, Wonho has impressed through his releases that mirror the essence of the same, so far.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that he surely has curiosities kindled for what kind of concepts and musical themes he will unravel through his upcoming release.

Meanwhile, Wonho will be melting hearts with his mellifluent tunes on his upcoming comeback. He will be releasing his 2nd mini-album Blue Letter across various music sources on September 14 at 6 PM KST.

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Photos Credits: Highline Entertainment

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