#NowPlaying: Wonho Pens Down His Sincere Emotions On His “Blue Letter”

#NowPlaying: Wonho Pens Down His Sincere Emotions On His “Blue Letter”


Wonho has arrived with his exciting new mini-album. The supercool soloist is here to take listeners on another emotional rollercoaster with his euphonious melodies on his Blue Letter. The ace artist ensures that there is something for everyone as he delivers a diverse range of tunes varying from EDM, pop to R&B and some softer notes as well.


With this latest release, Wonho unravels his feelings with utter authenticity as he compares the state of being cut off from the world during the pandemic to the blue sea. The singer’s captured his brightest moments through the songs. However, he retained a darker charm as he highlighted a different aspect from his previous works Love Synonym.


The 2nd mini-album sees Wonho get candid as he unravels a unique worldview through seven stellar tracks including two versions of the title track “Blue”. It also features the tracks labeled, “Intro : Seasons and Patterns”, “No Text No Call”, “Come Over Tonight”, “24/7” and “Stranger”.


What’s more? Each of the tracks sees the singer showcase his all-round artistry as a composer and lyricist. The album is a certain testament to the visionary state of mind of the vocalist who truly isn’t shy of weaving his emotions intricately through each note.


This intro is the definition of pure serenity! “Intro : Seasons and Patterns” serves as a prelude to giving a feel of the overall mood of the album. The soft synth and piano-based instrumental aims to convey the analogy of blue waves to flowing time.

The idea is beautifully projected indeed. The piece is transcendent, to simply aver, and definitely flows much like water, as it guides listeners into the contents of Wonho’s Blue Letter. 


Unlike its name, this title track will definitely chase everyone’s ‘blue’s away with its upbeat energy! Wonho delights as his innate charisma seeps through the song. The alluring artist floors with his signature falsetto laden verses, while his soft, breathy notes compliment the track’s buoyant tenor like a dream.

The English version of “BLUE”, retains its chill vibe as the dance-pop song combines the rhythmic grooves of ambient guitar, bass, and drums. Wonho channels a bright and hopeful message by showcasing an intriguing duality with the play on the word “blue” which symbolizes melancholy and represents the blue of the sea.

Wonho dazzles through this lively lead number. He channels the essence of summer while exuding a sense of warmth with a lingering air of romance. All in all, “Blue” is a complete and indisputable banger that is surely going to crash that repeat button in listeners’ playlists!


This track evokes a sense of wistfulness and it is where its beauty lies. Wonho is bound to set hearts aflutter with his honeyed vocals, that’s for sure! The vocalist lets his delicate and airy voice be the focal point against the dulcet synth, soft bass, and guitar rhythm.

The song carries a pensive undertone as Wonho explores dispirited emotions that have seemingly arisen from a relationship gone awry. He expresses how he wishes he could turn back time and fix things. Wonho excellently elucidates a ruminative mood through his heartfelt harmonies on “No Text No Call”.


It seems like Valentine’s Day has come early thanks to this passionate tune by Wonho. Right off the bat, the track invites listeners in with the melodic guitar sounds and Wonho’s layered vocals. To amplify the song’s ardent and amorous vibe, the star goes all in with his euphonic sounds. “Come Over Tonight”, simply put, is quite charming in its approach.

Through the track and especially its bass-heavy chorus sees the artist strut his signature low sounds and falsetto with utter panache. Wonho beguiles as he goes all out with his passionate declarations of love, which are enough to melt hearts.


“I’m here for you 24/7” – Wonho sweetly declares through this heartwarming number. The track relays the quintessence of emotional changes. The adorable soloist seems to want to communicate to fans that whether they’re happy or sad, he wants them to know he’s always by their side.

With lines like, “Anywhere you go | I’m always here | Living in your dreams 24/7 | So that you can fall asleep in my arms | I’m here for you 24/7”, Wonho captivates with his bona fide style. Moreover, he takes breaths away with his superlative musicality.


There are indeed no words to describe the beauty of this soulful track. Wonho stirs with his expressive vocals as he sings of feeling like a stranger at times. He talks about how he feels alone sometimes. The singer hopes that this feeling will alleviate after he meets his loved one.

With this tranquil track, this charismatic king eloquently manifests a sense of vulnerability in a reposeful way. “Stranger” is sublime in its simplicity. The acoustic guitar melody and Wonho’s mellow vocals cater to a calm air. This in turn, only adds to the universal charm of the track.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that listeners would be no ‘stranger’ to having this song play on loop!

Wonho showcases a much more bolder avatar through his emotionally-driven and eclectic Blue Letter. He presents a mellifluous selection of melodies on the 2nd mini-album. The stellar soloist highlights his musical genius as he reiterates that his talents are indeed immesurable.

Dabbling into a wide array of genres from dance-pop to R&B, to name a few, Wonho impresses with his sui generis sounds. The dashing singer makes a powerful statement as he exhibits his undeniable evolution as a visionary artist.

Overall, Blue Letter serves as a testament through which Wonho signifies that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with!


Make way for the heartthrob of the century!

Wonho drops what can only be explained as a sheer treat for the eyes as for the ears. Showcasing a youthful atmosphere, this fashion king dons on various looks that only accentuate his stunning visuals.

All from looking like a show-stopper in a striking blue varsity jacket, dazzling like a hunky footballer, and spotlighting some cool casual-chic looks, Wonho exhibits an unmatched glam.

Moreover, in contrast to his previous releases, the “BLUE” crooner brings forth a much more carefree and effervescent vibe through each of the dynamic frames of the music video. All in all, Wonho mesmerizes as he sports a free-spirited persona that only adds to his limitless charms.

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