Wonho Celebrates Reaching 100K Subscribers On His YouTube Channel

Wonho Celebrates Reaching 100K Subscribers On His YouTube Channel

The “Losing You” singer is certainly winning and this latest feat is Proof of just that!

Wonho, who had commenced his very own YouTube channel “ohhoho” earlier in October has just gained 100K subscribers on the same. To celebrate that, the sweet singer held a live on the channel wherein he shared this exciting news with great gusto.

Looking like the ultimate fashionista that he is, Wonho sat down for a fun chit-chat style live stream to commemorate his latest feat. The vocalist looked absolutely radiant as he lit up the ambiance with his beaming smile. He then read out and answered messages from his beloved fans Wenee.

He further excitedly displayed his YouTube play button he received for having achieved 100K subscribers. All from reading the letter sent along with it to being happy about the name of his channel written on the button, it was indeed quite endearing to see Wonho reveal his silver creator award to fans.


At the time of launching his channel, the multitalented artist had asserted that his channel “ohhoho” is a space wherein fans will be able to see different sides of him. And he has done just that and more. Wonho has been showcasing various aspects of his life to fans in the most creative manner.

From the very beginning of “ohhoho” , Wonho has showcased his keen sense of entertainment through interesting content. Fans have got a glimpse of Chef Wonho with his cooking segments including making pet treats as well! He has delighted fans with various ASMR style mukbangs and fun unboxing videos. The vocalist also released interesting behind-the-scenes of his album preparation process and last but not least workout videos as well.

With this latest feat, Wonho proves that he is an all-round artist in every sense. From music to mukbangs, there is nothing the singer cannot do!

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Photo | Video Credits: ohhoho

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