Wonho Charms In His Latest “LOSE” Dance Practice Video

Wonho Charms In His Latest “LOSE” Dance Practice Video

Wenees across the globe are surely going to say “I can’t get over you” as Wonho unravels his lethal charms in his new dance practice video for his track “Lose”!

Wonho is here to melt hearts indeed! Like the ultimate stunner that he is, the talented star looks supercool in an all black ensemble in his latest dance practice video for his tantalizing lead number “Lose”.


Revealing some magnetic moves, Wonho certainly reiterates that he embodies the position of an all-round artist as not only is he a brilliant composer and singer but also a superb dancer.

The adorable soloist channels a more fierce side to him through this clip. His alluring expressions only amplify the overall sultry vibe of the track that is also reflective in the impressive choreography. The captivating Captain Korea sets hearts racing with his magnetic mannerisms as he ensures that the focus is on him.


“Lose” is the lead number from Wonho’s recent mini-album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us. The electro-pop track amazes with its unique alt-rock style composition. Furthermore, its lyricism is passionate yet spotlights the singer’s vulnerability in a beautiful way.

It pre-dominantly explores the theme of a one-sided love that Wonho brings forth with his unparalleled musical genius and with panache at that. The track, or rather, the album creatively highlights the awe-inspiring idol’s authenticity as an ever-evolving, multifaceted musician.

Overall, Wonho undeniably sets hearts aflutter with this clip. To say that the versatile vocalist looks like a vision to behold in the video would surely not be far-fetched, don’t you agree Wenee?

Meanwhile, watch Wonho dazzle with his smooth moves in his “Lose” dance practice video here:

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Photo | Video Credits: Highline Entertainment

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