Wonho Looks Dangerously Dashing In Dazed Korea’s Pictorial

Wonho Looks Dangerously Dashing In Dazed Korea’s Pictorial

Wonho embodies the phrase ‘if looks could kill’ in this latest pictorial for Dazed Korea!

“Won’t be lazy, won’t eat anything easily, won’t hesitate to contemplate, won’t hesitate to clear my mind, won’t bury fans’ other languages and I will love until I die. That would be being Wonho”.

Revealing the pictorial on such a powerful note, Dazed Korea unveiled some exclusive shots of Wonho that showcased his glamorous charms in the most sublime way.


Wonho, who had opened up about his diet in an interview with Dazed Korea last year, spoke about his diet management this time as well. He said, “I’m making a comeback as a solo artist, so I looked for one thing I could do best. I don’t drink much and basically, I don’t go out often. I spent most of my time exercising, so I wanted to work harder and perform having the best body among solo artists, but I don’t think I’m as good as I expected.”


Next, the adoring artist was asked a question about his recently opened personal YouTube channel ‘ohhoho‘. Wonho explained, “Being a YouTuber is not a full-time job for me, and it cannot be seen as a channel with a clear identity,” adding “I produce videos in my daily life, regardless of my schedule. Actually, I’m focusing on what the fans want to see through me. I started making video contents because I thought fans would want to see my daily life when I was not active for a long time and when I was free,” he said while expressing his affection for his beloved Wenee.

The multi-talented singer is also studying foreign languages ​​for ensuring closer communication with overseas fans. He said, “Japanese is the first foreign language I studied, and I was active in Japan a lot. So I started studying Japanese first and expanded my scope to English. I started studying English because I thought I should be able to listen, read, and understand the meaning even if I can’t speak freely”.


Wonho further spoke about his upcoming and much-awaited comeback. He averred that the album will be a little more intense as compared to his debut album. He said, “It’s a bit more sexy and dark. I tried to show you a different charm”. The vocalist stated that if the previous album had an energetic and lively atmosphere, this time fans can expect a more mature and moody musical style.

Lastly,  the “Open Mind” crooner stated that he hopes that COVID-19 disappears as he expressed that it is his desperate desire to perform in front of his fans. He said, “I want to show various aspects of myself as a solo singer. I really miss and want to see my fans overseas. The memories of the fans I met during the tour remain strongly in my mind”.


Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of Wonho can be found in the January 2021 issue of Dazed Korea.

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Photo Credits: Dazed Korea

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