Wonho Dazzles In His Debut Stage On SBS “Inkigayo”

Wonho Dazzles In His Debut Stage On SBS “Inkigayo”

To Summarize: WOW!

Wonho held his debut stage for his album Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’s leading track “Open Mind” on SBS Inkigayo that aired today. 

Right off the bat, the soloist left viewers awe struck with his all black attire that complemented the edgy backdrop, all from a wall emblazoned with his logo to several motorcycles on the stage. Moreover, Wonho showed off his perfect physique and caught fans’ attentions with his coquettish smile and fierce gaze – the singer unquestionably set Wenees’ hearts aflutter with his captivating charms, euphonious vocals and smooth dance moves.  

The title song “Open Mind” has been released in both Korean and English versions. The electro pop track stands out with its heart thumping beats with layered 808 bass and rising synths which pair like a dream against Wonho’s soft voice, his breathy falsettos and subtle high notes on the song.  

Besides this, Wonho has been receiving a lot of praise for the track’s music video not just on YouTube wherein the video garnered 7.4 million views at the time of writing, but also on TikTok, where the hashtag ‘Open Mind’ exceeded 9 million views.  

Additionally, several influencers and celebrities have also reacted to Wonho’s dynamic music video for “Open Mind” with the most recent being actor Colton Haynes who released a reaction video on YouTube and TikTok to express admiration for Wonho’s powerful performance in the “Open Mind” music video.   


Meanwhile, Wonho’s debut album Love Synonym #1: Right for Me has evidently impressed fans all over the globe. It ranked first in the world wide iTunes album chart in multiple countries including U.S, UK, India, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Brazil .

Additionally, it also ranked first in 20 countries around the world such as the Australia, Italy,  Switzerland, and Canada on the iTunes Top K-POP Albums Chart and 10 other regions including Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico, Japan, and Hong Kong. 

Source: OSEN

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