Wonho Delights Fans With His First Solo Concert “WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU”

Wonho Delights Fans With His First Solo Concert “WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU”

Wonho held his first ever concert and it was the definition of the word spectacular, wouldn’t you agree Wenee?

On September 27, Wonho’s first solo online concert WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU was broadcast live online. The singer opened the show with his sweet vocals that took the center stage with the track “I just”. After the performance, he asserted that he was both nervous yet excited for the concert. Moreover, Wonho captivated fans with his dazzling new look especially with his pink hair which only added to his allure. 

WONHOBefore commencing the concert, Wonho said, “It’s nice to be able to have this opportunity to perform today and I want to say thank you very much to Wenees who came to see the performance. We’ve prepared a lot for today’s performance, so please enjoy it.”

The multitalented soloist released his first mini-album Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me on September 4. Post its release, the album as well as its suave title track “Open Mind” have garnered rave responses from fans across the globe. 

Wonho said, “The last two weeks have become an unforgettable time. We are having really happy days from our activities for our performances”. Talking about the preparations for the show, the singer replied, “I dyed my hair, and I spent time preparing hard with all the staff for today’s performance.”

A “W-log” section was featured to learn about Wonho through various keywords. The first keyword was “music”. Wonho answered, “I think music is about performing music while doing what I like and can do.”

Talking about the kind of music that he would like to do in the future, the ace artist asserted, “I want to try band music with a real sound,” he added, “I want to make fun songs that everyone can enjoy together with the staff I work with”

He further made a heartwarming expression of what music means to him. Wonho said, “To me, music is love. Through my music, I can repay all the love that I have received and I think that I can be loved too.”

Next, Wonho talked about fashion, his hobbies and what he does in a day. In line with that, the singer made an exciting revelation and said, “I plan to open a new personal channel after the performance is over. I have some fun contents that will give you a glimpse into my daily life. I’m going to try everything others do, such as Vlogs and Mukbangs. Of course, the cooking show is ready,” he hinted, raising expectations.

He added, “I want to show Wenee all over the world my daily life that can’t be shown on stage, and I want to show the thoughts of Wonho, in my 20s, and various new attempts through content.”


Make way for English King Wonho! The soloist made hearts flutter with his smooth rendition of Justin Bieber’s “INTENTIONS” with his stirring vocals and gorgeous aesthetics. 

Further into the concert, Wonho communicated with fans during the “SPECIAL Q&A from WENEE” segment which featured some of Wenee’s questions for the singer. One fan asked Wonho about his preferences in ice cream flavors that he liked and disliked to which he quipped,  “I’m trying to get closer to liking mint chocolate ice-cream. Maybe once, I’ll do an eating show with mint chocolate,” he burst into laughter adding, “I like the taste of milk. Vanilla tastes a little greasy,” he said.

Another fan asked what color comes to mind when thinking of Wenee. Wonho warmed hearts with loving response as he said, “It looks like sky blue. I can’t see the sky often, but when I do I want to keep looking at it and that is why this album is also blue overall.” connoting that Wenee is his sky. 

Speaking about his musical inspirations the talented musician revealed that he often derives his inspiration from the seasons. Wonho said, “I always seem to be riding in that season. I like summer or winter. Spring and autumn are also good, but I like summer and winter because it seems like during those certain seasons, I like certain things.”

He was also asked how could one overcome depression, the vocalist said, “I’m trying to get over something every moment. As you can expect, I usually try to solve it with exercise.” Following that, he made a sincere and sweet confession and stated that Wenee is his driving force.

Furthermore, the singer mentioned that he would like to hold a high touch event post COVID-19 ends and meet his fans, “I want to perform too much, and the first thing I want to do is high touch. It’s been a long time since I felt the warmth of fans.”

Wonho continued to showcase one electrifying performance after another with his stunning cover of Billie Eilish’s “I LOVE YOU”, “WITH YOU” and “Open Mind” in sequence. Additionally he owned the stage with his smashing performance of “Interlude: Runway” which he revealed for the first time. 

The singer also revealed a beautiful self-produced track titled, “Flash” which captivated with its compelling lyricism with lines such as, “You shed the flash on me like a lighthouse/ When I get lonely/ You were the shiny flash/ Can I find you, I miss you/ When I was nothing, my flash hugged me like a hero/ When I fell, my flash embraced me/You were the warm flash/ Can I find you again, I miss you”. The track not only showcased Wonho’s fluid falsettos and soothing vocals but also saw the soloist acing his rap verses with with absolute perfection.

Before showcasing the final stage, Wonho conveyed, “It’s too bad that the moments so far have been so short. I was so happy to be able to perform on this stage and meet Wenee like this. I still have a lot more to show you,” before expressing regret of the show coming to an end. 

The vocalist then proceeded to perform the encore song “Losing You.” Wonho looked like a vision in his casual chic look as he filled the ambiance with serenity while he belted out the heartfelt number. “It’s a song that contains all the stories I want to say. I can do anything for Wenee and because you are there, I can take new challenges and move forward,” Wonho voiced post the performance. 

“Thank you for being with us,” Wonho said, reading fans’ real-time comments. He confessed, “I think I had a lot of worries because it has become very difficult to meet face to face. I thought about ways how I could feel close [with the fans] and share my feelings and story and that’s how I naturally prepared for this stage.”

He then expressed his gratitude towards his fans and continued, “Thank you for being here together today. It’s meaningful that we shared stories and we made the memories at the same time, although we are in different places,” he said. “I was worried a lot about whether I could do well alone while preparing for this first solo performance and whether Wenee would like it,” adding, “I want to make a promise that I will only give you happiness in my time with you Wenee.”

Wonho then unveiled his final performance of the show with his track, “Lost In Paradise” wherein he lit up the stage with vibrancy and colorful aesthetics. The performance was all things adorable and the soloist unquestionably left Wenee with only bright smiles!


Meanwhile, the dynamic singer made quite the EXCITING announcement during the concert! Wonho said, “Preparations for my next album are almost over. I think I’ll be able to return to Wenee again soon.”

Highline Entertainment confirmed the same and stated that Wonho is indeed preparing to make a comeback within the year. Further details of the comeback are under wraps at the time of writing. However, it is being anticipated that Wonho’s next album will seemingly include song “Flash” which he performed at the concert.

Source: OSEN

Photo Credits: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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