Wonho Evinces His Global Popularity With His Fabulous Feats

Wonho Evinces His Global Popularity With His Fabulous Feats

Wonho proves that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with as he establishes himself as a global trendsetter with his awesome accomplishments!

From being a singer, visual, rapper, composer, YouTuber and also, WENEE’s best boy, Wonho has showcased that there is indeed no domain that he cannot reign over.


Ever since his debut last year, the sweet soloist has taken over not just hearts but over various music charts as well.  At the time of its release, Wonho’s first track as a solo artist titled “Losing You” won over the iTunes charts in 16 overseas regions.

In addition to that, Wonho showcased that he is indeed the king of K-Pop. His first mini-album Part.1 Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me took the crown and topped the iTunes Worldwide Albums Chart. It also settled on the top 3 of the iTunes K-POP charts in 30 overseas regions soon after its release. Moreover, the album was well received by major media outlets as well.


Showcasing his power as an ace musician, Wonho’s stellar comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us ranked at No. 5 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, and iTunes K-Pop chart in 13 regions all over the world. It had also peaked at No. 3 on the iTunes Pop Albums Charts at the time of its release.

Wonho unequivocally epitomizes the concept of an all-round artist. He has showcased his multifaceted musical skills through his two solo releases. The albums unravel the artist’s visionary state of mind through his diverse range of musical spectra. Moreover, the “Lose” crooner highlights his abilities as not just a singer but even as a writer, composer, and producer.

The albums encapsulate the expressions of the different sides and meanings of love, thereby confirming that it truly is Love Synonym indeed!


Not only that, Wonho showered all his love in the sweetest way on his fans. In his latest comeback album, he included a heartwarming number for his beloved WENEE. The adorable artist released “WENEED” wherein he swayed with his dulcet tunes. The track beguiles with its sincere message of infinite affection and gratitude for his fans.

Besides this, Wonho’s Hotteoks have been receiving some supercool content from the superstar. From sharing his favorite recipes to revealing his favorite workouts, the singer has been delighting fans with his captivating content that spotlights his creative genius.

The vocalist has certainly allured fans all over the globe by unveiling his warm charms through not just his music but mukbangs as well.


It wouldn’t be far-fetched to aver that Wenee’s Captain Korea has attained some striking achievements one after another. He truly proves his status as an global scene-stealer and an ever-evolving iconic idol.

Expectations are high for Wonho, who loves his fans more than anyone, and who loves music, will capture the hearts of K-Pop fans with his beautiful harmonies in the future as well.

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