Wonho Gives A Heartfelt First Look Into His Album With “Losing You”

Wenee buckle up and prepare for this emotional roller coaster ride!

Wonho just revealed an intriguing music video teaser for the track “Losing You” from his upcoming debut album Love Synonym and spoiler alert – it is everything that fans hoped for and more. “Losing You” exudes a profound romance which is timeless and one that comes straight from the heart and caters to the deepest of emotions which is both, compelling as well as comforting. 


Looking like an absolute show stopper, Wonho did not just captivate with the stunning imagery of the video with its ambient vibe but also stirred hearts by giving a glimpse into the overall feel of the album with a short but spellbinding snippet of his euphonious voice. 

The teaser showcases hypnotizing monochromatic stills that depict the singer looking lovelorn as he mesmerizes with his soul stirring voice when he sings the line, “Cause losing me is better than losing you,” which is sure to pull heartstrings. 

With such a power packed teaser, it has certainly built up anticipations for the upcoming music video on Friday, August 14 1 PM KST. Wonho will then be releasing the lyric version of “Losing You” on August 18. He will then reveal the album’s thrilling track list on August 20 and will bedazzle fans with charismatic concept photos from August 23 to August 26. 


The versatile vocalist will once again wow viewers with a music video teaser for his album’s title track “Right For Me” on August 30 before giving a full preview on September 1 and then finally serenading listeners with his sonorous voice on his Love Synonym on September 4. 

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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