Wonho Gives A Sweet Sneak Peek Into His Upcoming Album “Love Synonym”

Wonho revealed an amazing album preview and honestly? WE WERE NOT PREPARED!

Wonho is on his way to release his highly awaited debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me soon and the album preview that unveiled today has surely made fans want to fast forward to Friday.  

So far, the vocalist has showcased his versatility with his emotional ballad “Losing You” and it captivated listeners all over the globe with its lilting piano melody that fell beautifully against Wonho’s soft sonorous voice. Besides this, the soloist also gave a sneak peek into the dreamy pop EDM title track of his album “Open Mind” with a show stopping teaser which he revealed recently. 

The album contains 8 tracks in total out of which there are two versions of both, “Losing You” and “Open Mind”. Furthermore, written, composed, and arranged by Wonho himself are the songs “I just” a piano based number showcasing the singer’s beautiful breathy notes and soft falsetto, the playful R&B based “Lost in Paradise”, and a bass heavy “Interlude: Runway”. The laid-back track titled “WITH YOU” will see also the participation of the talented singer-songwriter Jooyoung who wrote as well as composed the electro pop song.

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The album preview is a testament to the artist’s versatility as it showcases Wonho’s multifaceted musical capabilities amidst an array of musical styles all from EDM and ballad to R&B. Moreover, with the album preview, Wonho also gets hearts racing with STUNNING behind the scenes shots of the concept photos which only adds to the soloist’s overall sweet charms. 

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Meanwhile, Wonho’s highly awaited debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me is all set to drop on Friday, September 4 on various music sites. 

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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  • The album preview is magnificent, we love all the songs, we are proud of Wonho. We hope you have a lot of success. Thanks for article!

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