Wonho Is The Definition Of The Word Flawless In Fourth Set Of Concept Photos

Wonho Is The Definition Of The Word Flawless In Fourth Set Of Concept Photos

Suave, Sexy and Sweet is all that Wonho embodies in the fabulous final set of concept images for his Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me!

Wonho continues to raise the anticipations for his first solo album with his final set of concept images which have left all his fans speechless with his stunning visuals. The fourth version of the concept images truly showcase why the talented singer is endearingly called as King Wonho by Wenee.

Posing regally against a monochrome backdrop holding balloons, Wonho beautifully stands out in contrast with his gold hair and serenely soft features which are illuminated by the glow of the spotlight that effortlessly lends an air of mystique to the entire picture. 


Looking dashing in denim, Wonho exudes a confident aura as he casts a spell with his handsome looks as he directly gazes into the camera holding onto a glass of milk in one image and sporting an all denim look while showing off his famous physique in the other. 

Giving off major faerie prince vibes, Wonho glows against a blurry backdrop in an all white ensemble which adds to his celestial charms and highlights his angelic features.


There is no doubt that the concept photos have only amplified excitements for the versatile artist’s upcoming debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me.

Meanwhile, Wonho’s first mini-album will be led by the track co- written by Wonho titled “Open Mind” a dreamy, electronic pop song with heart fluttering lyrics backed by the singer’s sonorous vocals which will have its own English version as well. Moreover, the album also contains six other tracks including two versions of his chart topping hit “Losing You”.

Post the reveal of the concept images, the title track’s music video teaser will be releasing on August 30. It will be followed by an album preview on September 1 before the unveiling of Wonho’s Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on September 4.

Photos: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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