Wonho Looks Beguiling In The Latest Pictorial For Beauty+ Magazine

Wonho Looks Beguiling In The Latest Pictorial For Beauty+ Magazine


Beauty+ magazine released Wonho’s solo pictorial. In the images the sweet singer looks like an absolute stunner as he showcases and spellbinds with his famous and flawless visuals.

This pictorial took on the concept of “Move”, which transcends coldness and passion. In line with this, Wonho perfectly embodied the theme with his style and showed off his fatal allure along with his matchless unique aura. Moreover, the charismatic poses as well as his deep gaze truly stole the show and are sure to set Wenees’ hearts aflutter.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Wonho looks adorable in these set of pictures. He displays an effortless appeal as he reveals refreshing looks all from being the ultimate home fatale and looking debonair in a dapper suit, to unravelling his boyish charms in an oversized sweater and shorts attire.

In other shots he channels his playful side wearing fun hats and a trench coat wherein he lights up the still with his bright smile and his perky demeanor.

One thing that remains unchanged however is that one can definitely not tear their eyes away from the ethereal visuals of the loveable artist.

Wonho has already established himself as an all-round artist. From showing his model looks in photos to showcasing his multifold talents as a musician – there definitely isn’t something that the “Open Mind” singer cannot do!

With his debut album Love Synonym #1: Right for Me, Wonho redefined versatility and proved that he is indeed a global artist.

At the time of its release, his debut album was ranked at the top of the global charts, including No. 1 on the iTunes World Wide Album Chart, No. 9 on the Billboard Album Chart, and No. 1 on Japan’s Oricon Chart’s weekly album ranking for the two weeks of September.

Recently, he also opened his own personal YouTube channel ‘ohhoho‘ and has been sharing fun and relatable moments of his daily life.

Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of Wonho, who is all ready to set the K-pop scene afire and is preparing for his comeback album soon, can be found in the November issue of Beauty+ magazine.

Photo Credits: Beauty+ magazine

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