Wonho Looks Fabulous In His First MV Teaser For “BLUE”

Wonho Looks Fabulous In His First MV Teaser For “BLUE”


Ahead of his upcoming comeback, Wonho is here to kindle curiosities for what type of worldview he will unravel with his new album. And, by the looks of it, it seems as though this dazzling star will be giving fans a taste of summer with his 2nd mini-album Blue Letter.

The talented soloist took to his official SNS and released a music video teaser for the title track of his comeback album. And, it is quite a visual treat to put it simply.

Through the length of the clip, Wonho shows off a more youthful side quite literally with the high school backdrop. Giving a high school drama feel (HSM anyone?) he rocks in his blue jersey and blonde hair jock look. He evokes an effortlessly cool air as he gives off major main character vibes.


With each still, we are reminded of a coming of age movie wherein the lead goes through major transformations to tell a brilliant story.

The teaser certainly mirrors what the vocalist averred of him showcasing a unique vibe. In a spoiler live, Wonho said, “I wanted to show a everyone a another side of myself.  I usually do so, by putting on strong makeup and wearing lenses. But, I wanted to do something different with this album”.


Moreover, during the live he opened a bit about his album. Talking about the lead track, Wonho said that he created it with the intent to make it feel like a good song to listen to without having to see it’s performance.

Also, among the songs on the album, he picked “No Text No Call” as one of his favourites. The all-round artist stated, “I started working on it first, but it’s the last song I finished. All lyrics are in English”

Besides these, he mentioned another track on the list labelled “24/7” of which he said, “[It] is a song I made during the first mini album. I saved it to hear it as a Christmas themed song. However, it was included in this album through some reworking”.


Additionally, fans can expect their beloved boy to showcase a more candid charm than before. Wonho expressed that with this album he wanted to convey his honest emotions to listeners.

Meanwhile, Wonho will be making everyone swoon to his saccharine melodies on his 2nd mini-album Blue Letter. The album will be available across various music sites on September 14 at 6 PM KST.

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Photos | Video Credits: Highline Entertainment

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