Wonho Looks Picture Perfect In A Pictorial For 1st Look Magazine

Roll out the red carpet because Wonho is here to slay with his glamorous style and show stopping visuals!

Wonho recently posed for a pictorial for 1st Look magazine and looked breathtakingly radiant in each of the stills. Exuding poise, the singer looks confident and charismatic amidst a warm toned backdrop. 

Moreover, Wonho who released his chart topping debut album Love Synonym #1: Right for Me, spoke about his album in an interview with the magazine as well. 


Showing off his chiseled physique in a loose black cardigan and a red checkered shirt, Wonho lit up the ambiance with his warm looks. Speaking about his first project Wonho said, “I came to the stage alone with a solo album. I thought that I had to take responsibility from the beginning to the end alone, so it was a lot of pressure, but I think I was able to produce a high-quality result because of the staff being so good to help me fill out my gaps well.”


While the soloist has already made Wenee fall in love with his sweet tunes, Wonho also revealed the true meaning of Love Synonym #1: Right for Me. He expressed, “It means ‘a synonym for love’. The definition of love varies from person to person. For me, I could name the communication between my fans and people around the world as ‘love’. If you look at the album, you can see the cover designed with parentheses. That was a symbol for my fans that “I want you to fill in that parentheses with your own love while listening to my songs.””


With his first album, the alluring artist redefined versatility with his visionary style evident in the mini album’s overall conceptualization. Through this, fans got to see a very raw and real side of the singer that reflected in his eclectic music that heralded a certain fluidity.

And much like his album, Wonho too defined himself as a person who flows just like water. He explained, “Water freezes, melts, flows, and forms depending on the environment it is in. It mixes well with anything but oil. I’m a little like that, and I’m going to be like that. I am a person who is not rigid and can do my part according to the necessary situation.”


The full pictorial and interviews of the multitalented vocalist will be available in 1st Look’s No. 204 issue that will be released in Korea on September 24.


Meanwhile, Wonho has been showcasing his power packed performance for “Open Mind” on various shows. He also revealed a stunning dance practice video of the much loved track today as well.

Source: Herald Pop

Photo Credits: 1st Look

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