Wonho Mesmerises In A Mystifying MV Teaser For “LOSE”

Wonho Mesmerises In A Mystifying MV Teaser For “LOSE”

Wonho is ready to win over hearts as he reveals a riveting music video teaser for “LOSE”!

Wonho gets hearts racing with the unveil of a mystifying music video teaser across his official SNS. The captivating clip for his upcoming album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us’ title track “LOSE” spotlights his raw charms in the most striking way.

The teaser commences on a very intriguing note indeed. Wonho sits in what seems to be a projection room as he gives viewers a deeper glimpse into his impassioned worldview.

The projector displays several reels that sees the singer looking magnetising in monochromatic stills as well as showcasing a different colour to himself through vibrant frames.


Wonho stuns with his entrancing visuals and no, we’re definitely not exaggerating.

Posing with a drink in his hand while sitting at a majestic dining table, Wonho piques curiosities as he displays a very fazed look.

The scene later shifts to a stirring shot of a dark haired lady.

It pans to a similar click of the singer which is spellbinding to say the least. Wonho takes breaths away as he then stands face to face with the mystery woman in the clip that follows after.


Wonho furthers the enigma of the teaser with his agitated expressions through gripping stills of him being chained to being alone in a dark space surrounded by water.

The music video teaser concludes with a puzzling still which only raises the expectations for what’s to unfold.


Adding intensity to the disquieting stills is the dynamic rhythm of the track itself. The electro pop beats as well as snippets of Wonho’s fluid and honeyed vocals unquestionably build the intrigue for what’s to come with his upcoming release!

In addition to this, Wonho will now be showcasing an album preview on February 23.


Meanwhile, Wonho will be entrancing listeners with his mellifluous tunes on his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us that will be releasing on February 26 on various music sources.

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Photos and Video Credits To: Highline Entertainment

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