Wonho Weaves A Heartwarming Tale Through His Harmonies In “Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us”

Wonho Weaves A Heartwarming Tale Through His Harmonies In “Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us”

Guess who’s back and back with a resounding bang? Why, it’s none other than the supercool soloist reigning over Wenee’s hearts, Wonho himself!

Wonho is surely making fans fall in love with him all over again as he released his much-awaited comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us. The soloist channels a ferociousness through this comeback which only amplifies the release’s dynamism.


The album sees the inclusion of eight tracks in total – each which sees the vocalist redefine versatility through the diverse range of musical spectra, as he unravels the synonyms of love with a bolder style.

First Impressions

Much like his debut album, Wonho proves his musical genius yet again on the eight amazing pieces. What’s more? Five of the tracks see the singer showcase his artistic abilities as a composer. The tracks also are testament to the visionary state of mind of the soloist who truly isn’t shy of weaving his emotions intricately through each note.

Lose | Lose (English Ver.)


Dark and dramatic are what sum up the essence of this power-packed lead track. While the pulsating bass backed retro style EDM beats deepen the intensity of “Lose”, Wonho gives the track a sultry touch with his breathy, husky tones.

Having said that, the track certainly brings forth something unique especially in terms of its composition. Though it features a prominent electro-pop rhythm, the addition of alt-rock style guitar strums and violin ensure that this track strays away from being generalized as a typical EDM number.

The lyricism is passionate yet hints at the artist’s vulnerability as he sings of a one-sided love. Lines such as, “I’m stuck in the middle of your maze/ But you love to keep the chase, oh why?”, leading up to the falsetto driven chorus beautifully bring out the heart-rending emotions of the track to life.


If this future R&B track had to be defined in a single word, then it would be ‘sensual’. Right off the bat, its safe to state that “Devil” is sure to get listeners hitting that repeat button on loop!

This song is one that almost instantaneously captivates, specifically with its entrancing tunes and the soloist’s impassioned flair.

The moody melody complements Wonho’s vocals in a way that not only spotlights his reverberating deep notes to his famous falsettos, but also gives “Devil” an air of mystique.


Wonho’s groove is unquestionably amazing on this peppy tune! The crooner brings forth quite the zesty energy with “BEST SHOT”. The funky bass and percussion paired with his sweet voice add to the track’s overall fun vibe.


Here, once again, Wonho dazzles with his delicate falsetto specifically during the track’s chorus. The singer’s musical style and the track’s melody embody a 90s charm which makes for an enlivening listening experience.


We hope you have those boxes of tissues handy Wenee, as this track is sure to take you on that emotional rollercoaster ride.

It truly wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Wonho bares his heart and soul on this sweet song. The lyricism feels almost poetical in its approach with lines like, “Even in the darkest timеs/ You were the one pulling me through/ My all and everything oh/ And every piece of you/ Will light up my universe”.


Wonho proclaims his love for his fans in the most adorable way as he promises to always be by their side. The vocalist indeed proves that his Wenee are his only one through the heartwarming harmonies of “WENEED”.

This song is without a doubt one that will not only be etched in every Wenee’s playlists but also in their hearts and minds “forever and ever”.

Ain’t About You (Feat. Kiiara)

Being as it is the third all-English track by the singer, we have to say – COME THROUGH ENGLISH KING WONHO!


Undeniably, “Ain’t About You” is one of the best tracks of this album. The track features the talented American songstress and songwriter Kiiara alongside Wonho. The duo take breaths away with their impeccable synchronization which is just *chef’s kiss*.

The song sees a bass heavy harmony in play which surprisingly does not take away from it pre-dominant playful vibe. “Ain’t About You” is charismatic in a cheeky way which is where its charm lies.


First introduced during Wonho’s first online concert, “FLASH” is tranquil as it is enthralling.


The lyricism is simply compelling with lines such as, “You shed the flash on me like a lighthouse/ When I get lonely/ You were the shiny flash/ Can I find you, I miss you/ When I was nothing, my flash hugged me like a hero/ When I fell, my flash embraced me/You were the warm flash/ Can I find you again, I miss you”.

The track not only highlights Wonho’s dulcet falsettos and soothing vocals but also sees the soloist acing his spinetingling rap verses with with absolute finesse.

Outro : And

Last but certainly not least, concluding the album on a perfect note, Wonho beguiles with the mellifluous “Outro : And”.


Though this track is an instrumental, the power it emanates specifically when its lilting piano melody merges with the awe-inspiring electric guitar, is simply indubitable and is one that is befitting of the star who is only on the rise.

It’s hard not to imagine this number playing in the echoes of a concert hall when Wonho ascends onto the stage to perform in front of his beloved Wenee, because of which this melody is sure to tug at heartstrings too!

All in all, Wonho, without a doubt, solidifies his position as an ace global artist with Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us.  Not only does he impress with his refined vocals but also with his eclectic mix of tunes that prove that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with! 

Music Video Musings

Make way for the ultimate fashion king Wonho!

The video is not only is a treat for the ears with its addictive beats and the vocalist’s unparalleled melodies, but it is a sheer treat for the eyes as well. The clip sees Wonho slaying his performance amidst fantastical backdrops. Through it, the singer personifies the message of the track of his struggle to get out a never-ending nightmare caused by a toxic love.

Moreover, the soloist serves one smoldering  look after another through the length of this captivating clip. The music video for the title track “Lose”, sees the singer showing off his famous physique and striking visuals and with panache at that, making it impossible for viewers to take their eyes off of him for even a moment!

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Photos and Videos Credits: Highline Entertainment

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