Wonho Enchants In Second Set Of Concept Photos

Wonho Enchants In Second Set Of Concept Photos

Wonho shines in all his majestic glory as he stirs hearts with his regal allure in the second version of concept photos for his upcoming comeback album!

Wenee brace yourselves – Wonho is here to make you swoon with his magnificent visuals and take over your hearts this Valentine’s day. The singer unleashed his innate glamour as he dropped one ‘best shot’ after another on his official SNS.


A contrast to the first set of concept images, the ‘Concept Photo 2’ pictures showcase Wonho blessing the world with his elegant looks as he rocks those blond tresses and holds a bold gaze, as he poses against a white background. Donning monochrome outfits in two pictures respectively, the singer charms with his ethereal visuals and muscular frame.
The first picture shows the vocalist posing in a black jacket styled to really contrast his bold eye make up. Covering half of his face with his arm, the singer looks intently in the camera with a serious composure. The band aids on his fingers, which can be seen in each of the pictures, add to the element of intensity and mystery of the concept.
The next picture is unquestionably prepossessing as Wonho looks ‘devil’ishly handsome in an alluring all white ensemble amidst a pristine white set. The singer struts his super bod in this unbuttoned shirt as he stares into the lens with a dangerous look. His hair and chains around his neck have been styled as such that they add to this beguiling bad boy vibe.
The last two images show a close up of his face and which beautifully bring out a certain unmistakable duality in the overall vibe that they project. The first picture sees Wonho posing sweetly in a black unbuttoned shirt with his hair gently falling around his eyes. He looks into the frame with a strong yet subtle gaze which gives off a more relaxed and romantic vibe.
The last picture sees Wonho’s hair styled in a more sleek way as the pushed back look brings the entire focus on his visuals. His intense glare and magnetism lend to the picture an air of power.
Wonho truly sets hearts aflutter through each of these fabulous four frames. The vocalist certainly showcases that he is the perfect combination and the embodiment too, of the phrase ‘sweet meets sexy’ indeed!

Meanwhile, Wonho will be unraveling the various synonyms of love through his honeyed harmonies on his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Me that will be released on multiple music sources on February 26.

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Photo Credits: Highline Entertainment

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