Wonho Floors With Fabulous First Set Of Concept Photos

Wenees here’s a reminder to breathe as Wonho revealed some charismatic concept photos that are sure to take your breaths away!

Wonho unleashed his glamorous charms in his flawless first set of concept photos that he unveiled across his official SNS. Giving the first glimpse into his worldview in Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us, the soloist certainly leaves gets hearts racing through four stylish stills.


Keeping up with the cool theme, the concept photos feature a predominantly blue palette albeit with comparatively darker hues. The first two images see the singer sporting an all black see through ensemble against a blue hued backdrop. One image sees with neon words projected on his face while the phrase, “Will you be there for me again?” are reflected on his sculpted back.
The singer’s minimal make up and intense look add to the intriguing depth that the images invoke while simultaneously highlighting his seraphic visuals and elegant physique. It is evident that the ripped vocalist has put in a lot of efforts to show an even better version with this comeback.
Furthermore, the other two images show Wonho posing like the ultimate stunner that he is against a blue toned background with the lighting smartly bringing the focus onto the singer as he looks like an absolute homme fatale in his alluring outfit.
Wearing a patterned blue shirt and black leather shorts, the singer poses in a laid back fashion while still maintaining a passionate gaze. The aesthetic backdrop and the perfect spotlight setting really highlight the handsome singer’s famous visuals and continue to add to the mystery of the concept of the exciting release.

Through this first version of images, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that Wonho unquestionably reigns over hearts with his regal mannerisms that are sure to bewitch every Wenee across the globe.

Meanwhile, the super talented Wonho will be delighting with his dulcet tunes on his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Me that will be released on various music sources on February 26.

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Photo Credits: Highline Entertainment

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