Wonho Reveals Thrilling Third Set Of Concept Photos

Wonho Reveals Thrilling Third Set Of Concept Photos

We just want to say : WONHO WORLD DOMINATION has begun!

Wonho revealed his riveting final version of concept images. To say that these shots are sure to take breaths away would truly be an understatement. The suave vocalist unquestionably looks dangerously charming and how!


Coming straight for the kill with those bad boy vibes, Wonho is a vision to behold indeed. The soloist captures attentions with his golden locks and flawless visuals. Piquing curiosities, the bandages and bruises on the sweet singer’s face certainly build the intrigue as well as amplify the overall intense ambiance of the prepossessing photo.

Wonho‘s radiating brilliance peeks through in this frame and with absolute finesse at that.


The idol looks adorable as he does alluring in an orange jacket and white shirt look as he holds a playful yet passionate expression which is sure to make fans wonder as to what styles Wonho will be unravelling with his upcoming mini-album!

Look who’s getting ready to paint the town with his unique colours! The “Open Mind” crooner looks ‘mad elegant’ and edgy as he holds a spray can and a moody expression with a hint of mischief.

Sporting bruises and bandaids like the previous image, in this still, Wonho certainly dazzles with his muscular frame and dynamic style that undoubtedly screams power.


The multitalented musician displays his multifold magnetism in this click. Looking cool and cute all at once in this casual chic look, Wonho spotlights that he personifies the term ‘charismatic’ in every sense.

Post these stunning snaps, Wonho will now be stirring hearts with a music video teaser set to reveal on February 21. An album preview will be showcased for his much-awaited comeback album on February 23.

Meanwhile, Wonho will be releasing his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Me on multiple music sources on February 26.

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Photo Credits: Highline Entertainment

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