Wonho Reveals An Awesome Track List For “Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us”

Wonho Reveals An Awesome Track List For “Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us”

Wenee get ready for a fabulous February with Wonho as he gears up to add to your playlists with some fantastic music soon!

Wonho took to his official SNS and revealed a dazzling track list for his upcoming comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Us.


The list features eight magnificent tracks in total. The tracks, “Lose”, “BEST SHOT”, and “OUTRO : And”, among others are written and composed by the wonderful vocalist himself. Furthermore the album features another self composed number that fans may have to have their boxes of tissues ready for, which is adorably titled “WENEED”, as well.

The album will see an amazing collaboration with none other than the American songstress Kiiara. The artist will be featuring alongside Wonho on the track called “Ain’t About You”.

Moreover, sure to catch the attention of fans is the inclusion of Wonho’s breathtaking track “Flash”. The track was first unveiled during the superstar’s supercool online concert WONHO SPECIAL LIVE #IWONHOYOU that took place on September 27, last year.

The beautiful self-produced track titled, “Flash” captivated with its compelling lyricism with lines such as, “You shed the flash on me like a lighthouse/ When I get lonely/ You were the shiny flash/ Can I find you, I miss you/ When I was nothing, my flash hugged me like a hero/ When I fell, my flash embraced me/You were the warm flash/ Can I find you again, I miss you”.


The track had not only showcased Wonho’s fluid falsettos and soothing vocals but also saw the soloist acing his rap verses with with absolute perfection

Besides this, Wonho will now be unraveling his lethal charms with his first set of concept photos on February 10. The king of Wenee’s hearts will be making fans fall in love with him all over again on Valentine’s Day with his second set of concept images. On February 15, the soloist will be stunning with his third set of concept photos.

Wonho will be showcasing a glimpse into his much-awaited album through a mesmerizing music video teaser that he will unveil on February 21. It will be followed by a prepossessing album preview on February 23.


Meanwhile, Wonho will be unleashing his musical genius on his first comeback album Part. 2 Love Synonym (#2) Right For Me that will be released on various music sources on February 26.

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