Wonho Mesmerizes In Monochrome In A Pictorial For BEAUTY+ Magazine

Wonho Mesmerizes In Monochrome In A Pictorial For BEAUTY+ Magazine


Wonho retains a poised aura as he poses for a warm visual pictorial for Beauty+ magazine. Each of the stills sees the “Blue” singer emanate a confident vibe that only adds to his innate charisma.

The handsome soloist undeniably gives off a strong first impression. However, behind those muscles and smoldering stage persona, is a very warm and loving heart. With his robust build and dynamic demeanor, Wonho doesn’t just captivate hearts, but also perfectly captures just why he owns the label of being a fashion king.


From stunning in vibrant summery looks to showcasing a moody charm in autumnal styles, Wonho proves that he can rock any and every style with absolute ease.

Moreover, the staff at the filming set further admired Wonho’s unchanging love for his Wenees. Asserting that this is why one can’t help but fall for Wonho as the sweet vocalist kept saying, “I think Wenee will like this” while reviewing each of the cuts.


Wonho recently impressed listeners across the globe with his harmonious tunes. The multitalented singer-songwriter unfolded his heartfelt tale through his thoughtful Blue Letter. Unlike his previous Love Synonym album series, the powerhouse artist wanted to convey new stories by an album with a new name.

The seven tracks on the album witnessed Wonho taking on a much bolder avatar. This is apparent through his emotionally driven and eclectic melodies on his 2nd mini-album. He certainly highlighted a deeper and richer sensibility with tracks written and composed by himself.


Talking about the comeback album, Wonho said, “It was somewhat of a difficult and lonely time for me while I was preparing for this mini-album. I was experiencing the same even when I was resting, and for some reason, I got tired quite a lot. This album contains the words I want to convey to the fans who have helped me overcome those difficult moments. It is only thanks to the fans that I was able to endure and overcome the hard times day by day”.

Additionally, the superstar opened up about his refreshing lead track “BLUE”. He expressed that since the literal meaning of the word stems from the expression of feeling low or depressed, he wanted to relay a contrasting meaning to the same, to that of feeling loved. Wonho exclaimed, “I wrote it with the intention that “I hope that everyone who is feeling low will hear this song and will find the strength to accept and overcome the situation””.

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The songs of the album see Wonho dabbling into different sound styles ranging from dance-pop, R&B, and slow-tempo beats to unravel his story in an aesthetic and authentic manner. The vocalist averred that he wanted to show a different side of himself with this album.

He said, “I wrote music that can deliver the message I spoke about as well as voice out what I cared about the most in this mini album. Rather than the music that falls into the theme of melancholy, I wrote the songs with a contrasting feeling, even if there was a sense of alienation”.


Wonho also added, “I want to manifest the duality of Wonho, one who is strong on stage, and the Wonho, who is also “easy” and “chill” through this album. What I’ve been doing for a long time is to show more of a strong side, and so I’m better at it. But what I wanted to reveal is that I can also make comfortable music. And I think it was the look that the even fans wanted to see”.

Meanwhile, Wonho has been charming with his dulcet tunes on his second mini-album Blue Letter that was released on September 14. The release has been evidently loved by listeners across the globe. It positioned on the 3rd place on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. Besides this, his peppy dance-pop title song “BLUE” entered this week’s Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart on the No. 14 slot.

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