Wonho Redefines Versatility With His Debut Album “Love Synonym”

Wonho Redefines Versatility With His Debut Album “Love Synonym”

Make way for the King of K-Pop! Wonho had raised the excitement for his debut album with show stopping concept images and thrilling teasers but no amount of these spectacular sneak peeks had us prepared for what was coming!

Wonho is back with his highly anticipated first album titled Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me and to say that he has stirred fans’ hearts with this album would truly be an understatement. Showcasing his immeasurable musical talents, the soloist will surely have listeners grooving to his mellifluous selection of electrifying music. The diversity on this album is truly a testament to Wonho’s multi-fold talents.



Wonho ensures that there is something for everyone with his eclectic mix of tunes ranging from EDM to pop to R&B and ballad in his fitst mini album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me which contains eight stunning songs namely two versions of both, “Losing You” and “Open Mind”, “I just”, “Lost in Paradise”, “Interlude: Runway” and “WITH YOU”. 

Open Mind | Open Mind (English Ver.)

“Open Mind” serves as the perfect lead track for the album for sure! The electro pop track stands out with its heart thumping beats with layered 808 bass and rising synths which pair like a dream against Wonho’s soft voice as he croons, “Tell me your desires/ And I’ll bring ‘em all to life/ For just one night/ Keep an open mind girl/ Oh you and I/ We’ll go from zero to a hundred/ In one night/ Keep an open mind girl.” Moreover, the singer WITHOUT A DOUBT captivates with his breathy falsettos and subtle high notes that are enough for us to want to break that repeat button!


 I just

This track is one that unquestionably brings out the soloist’s sweet side. “I just” is a piano and synth based number that showcases the singer’s beautiful breathy notes and soft falsetto in a pristine manner. The track is like an innocent declaration of love with its simple but adorable lyricism. “I just” is definitely a track that’ll keep you “running around in circles”, keeping you coming back for more.  

Lost In Paradise

“Lost In Paradise”  is song on which Wonho yet again entrances with his flawless falsettos and airy voice that give this R&B based number an ambient vibe. This is only furthered by its flirty yet playful lyricism that talks about the restlessness one feels after falling hard for someone as seen in lines such as, “You’re making me this way, me this way, me this way, me this me/ What the hell do you think?/ I’d rather not know uh/ What the hell is it that makes my heart flutter/ Why do you keep making people sleepless?/ You can’t find your way around yeah/ It’s okay. One place to go. Paradise.”  

Losing You | Losing You (Korean Ver.)

“Losing You” is Wonho’s pre-release single that is heartwarming and heart rending all at once. There is no denying that the soloist’s sentimental single is one that comes straight from the heart. The track talks about new path that Wonho sets to embark on, his resolve along with a feeling of sorrow and determination for a desperate wish. Moreover, the imagery of the video is enthralling as it is emotional. Stills of Wonho being caught in a web full of broken shards, sitting alone in monochromatic settings, symbolize all the hurt, pain and isolation he felt and all allude to the tumultuous journey the singer has been through to get here.

The lyrics are poignant but are also personal, “Keep my heart at your place/ Pull me closer/ Coz anytime or place/ I’d be your shield,” Wonho sweetly confesses in dedication to fans before making the heartfelt declaration, “Baby I would go to war for you/ Build an army if you need me to/ Coz losing me is/ Better than losing you/ Don’t you know/ That I would die for you/ If I knew that you would/ Make it through/ Coz losing me is better than losing you.”

Overall, the lilting piano melody against Wonho’s soft sonorous voice were enough for Wenee to feel his unending love for them that reverberated in every single line of “Losing You”.

Interlude: Runway

This bass heavy trance based instrumental is a stunning piece and stays true to its name ‘Runway’ as it is reminiscent of a runway indeed. (P.S: This is a perfect little track to start your day with and bring forward that hidden fashionista in you!)  


Featuring artist Jooyoung who wrote as well as composed the electro pop song, “WITH YOU” commences on somewhat of a dramatic note with low bass which shortly after, picks up pace as Wonho sings, “I’m a thrill I’m so dangerous/ Look at me, you can’t stand it/ But suddenly, you’re next to me/ In the blink of an eye/ Come with me tonight,” before the beat becomes more laid-back during the chorus. Wonho embodies the term ‘homme fatale’ in this track which makes “WITH YOU” a song that listeners won’t be able to get enough of.  


Each of the eight songs on the album are versatile to state the least and Wonho proves that he is indeed an ace musician not just on the tracks but also due to the overall conceptualization of the album wherein all the tracks are an expression of the different sides and meanings of love, thereby confirming that it truly is Love Synonym indeed!


Wonho LITERALLY goes from 0 to 100 in this magnificent music video!

Showcasing confidence and exuding endless charisma, this music video honestly reiterates why Wonho is indeed a King. The soloist is sure to make fans fall in love with him all over again as he dazzles in his debonair style in the video. Moreover, the singer showcases quite the bold persona with his edgy looks as well as with motifs such as the black and white snake and the panther depicting his animal instincts. 

The music video for “Open Mind” is in stark contrast to the music video for his soulful number “Losing You”. While in “Losing You” the vocalist left fans speechless with his serene vocals and visuals that shone against the sublime imagery of the video, Wonho does the same but this time bewitching fans by showcasing a chivalrous persona that only added to his limitless charms.   

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