Wonho Releases A Riveting Teaser Of His Title Track “Open Mind”

Wonho Releases A Riveting Teaser Of His Title Track “Open Mind”

Before we go any further, can we all just say WOW?

After getting fans ecstatic with not one, not two, but four elegant and enthralling concept images, Wonho has got hearts fluttering yet again but this time with a show stopping and absolutely stunning music video teaser for his title track “Open Mind”, from his highly anticipated upcoming debut album Part.1 Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me.

In the teaser, the singer looks impeccable to say the least. Each still in the teaser is breathtaking thanks to Wonho’s dynamic demeanor and prepossessing visuals! The dreamy EDM synth pop melody gets a certain lift with the vocalist’s airy note as he sings, “Keep an open mind girl.”  

Moreover, the singer is sure to leave viewers speechless with his captivating dance moves and edgy  yet dapper style. The teaser has unquestionably raised anticipations for the upcoming album as well as the full track itself! It is safe to say that even the 20 seconds of the teaser were enough to thrill Wenee for whats to come. 

Meanwhile, Wonho will be releasing an awesome preview of the album on September 1 before serenading listeners with his mellifluous music through his debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me which will be unveiled on various music sources on September 4.

Source: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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7 thoughts on “Wonho Releases A Riveting Teaser Of His Title Track “Open Mind”

  1. You can tell that he is not only talented, but also very hardworking. The teaser is so promising. I am excited for this debut!!

  2. Releasing so much content for his incredible debut like the king he is 👑. He deserves so much, I’m so excited for the MV release!

  3. We are proud of the great work Wonho is doing, the teaser was sensational and we are looking forward to seeing the full MV. Thanks for the article!

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