Wonho Shines In The First Set Of Concept Photos For “Love Synonym”

Wonho Shines In The First Set Of Concept Photos For “Love Synonym”

Wonho is the definition of the term ‘effortlessly cool’ in the first set of concept images!

Wonho just unveiled the first set of concept photos for his debut mini album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me. Looking every bit the fashionista he is, the soulful singer steals the spotlight with his dazzling visuals amid a laid-back setting. 

Wonho looks striking as ever as he embodies confidence in a loose fit casual graphic shirt with a print of Sandro Botticelli’s artwork ‘Birth of Venus,’ as he poses in a regal manner under vibrant blue sky. The almost monotone look surely puts the focus more onto the singer’s bold and beguiling visuals.

Next, the multi-talented musician shines like the sun in a bright yellow ensemble which creates quite the captivating contrast against the soft blue backdrop. Holding a fierce gaze and taking breaths away with his power pose, Wonho looks enchanting and ethereal to say the least!  

The concept photos have piqued anticipations for the upcoming sets of images which the sweet singer is scheduled to reveal up till August 26. Besides, this has only furthered Wenee’s excitements for the album itself.

While, the vocalist has already stirred hearts with his beautiful emotional ballad titled, “Losing You“, Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me  will six new awesome tracks as well as English versions of two of the songs making up a total of eight heart thumping tracks for fans to jazz up their playlists with.

The mini-album will be led by the track co- written by Wonho titled “Open Mind”,  a dreamy, electronic pop song which will have its own English version as well. Moreover, the title track’s music video teaser will be unveiled on August 30 that will be followed by an alluring album preview on September 1 before the unveiling of Wonho’s Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on September 4. 

Photos: HIGHLINE Entertainment

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