Wonho Stuns In The Second Set Of Concept Photos For “Love Synonym”

Wonho Stuns In The Second Set Of Concept Photos For “Love Synonym”

Wonho unveiled his latest set of concept images and honestly, they’re captivating enough to be the new definition of the term ‘beautiful’ in the dictionary! 

Wonho revealed the second set of concept photos and they’re absolutely stunning to state the least. Exuding glam and looking like a model, the singer is bound to leave Wenee speechless with his ethereal beauty. 

Mesmerizing with his power pose, Wonho looks regal like a king as he sits on a chair amid a summery setting in a button down suit while also giving a glimpse of the tattoo on his foot. 


The singer is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy as he stirs hearts with his playful stare in a close up shot.

The vocalist captivates yet again with his bold gaze that is enough to take breaths away as Wonho shines and impresses with his suave fashion.


Finally, Wonho personifies perfection, ensuring that the spotlight is on him as he shows off his flawless physique in his cool and casual look.  


It is safe to say that Wonho has already taken fans’ excitements to the next level with his spectacular concept photos so far. Besides these, the singer will be releasing two more versions of concept images. 

The powerhouse performer has already won over fans with his soul-stirring pre-release single “Losing You” that topped charts in over 16 countries within a day of its release. Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me will be featuring a Korean version of the same apart from seven other tracks namely, “I Just”, “Lost in Paradise”, “Interlude: Runway”, “With You”, and the dreamy, electronic pop title track, “Open Mind” and its English version.

Moreover, the title track’s music video teaser will be released on August 30. It will be followed by an awesome album preview on September 1. Wonho will then finally unveil his debut album Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me on September 4.

Photos: HIGHLINE Entertainment


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  1. There really is something unique about Wonho. He looks like a model,though has the sweetest voice and the biggest heart.

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