Wonho Successfully Wraps Up “Love Synonym” Debut Showcase On V Live

Wonho Successfully Wraps Up “Love Synonym” Debut Showcase On V Live


Wonho successfully held his debut showcase on V Live on September 4, 10 PM KST. Filled with smiles and cheers, Wonho greeted everyone as he sweetly introduced his first mini-album Part. 1 Love Synonym (#1) Right for Me in the showcase that recorded over 500 million hearts. 

Giving a heart shaking performance of his track “WITH YOU”, Wonho lit up the ambiance with his power packed choreography and dynamic demeanor. 

Post the high octane performance, Wonho took a breather and introduced his album that released today. Showcasing the three beautiful versions of the album, the soloist looked absolutely adorable as he picked his favorite pictures of himself from each of the album versions. 

Next, he spoke about each of the tracks on the album, their meanings and the thought process that went into the making of the eight enthralling tracks. 

Talking  about the addictive lead track “Open Mind”, Wonho said, “It’s an electronic pop song wherein I wanted to express the dreamy feeling of falling into a new world without knowing it,” he said. “When I first heard this song, I felt strange. I wondered if this was the right color for me. While I was working on it, I became more attached and thought that I could become a really good singer if I worked hard and performed this song.”

Wonho looked teary eyed as he spoke about his sentimental ballad “Losing You”. The singer admitted, “I thought I should release this song for my fans for the first time. I wanted to express my gratitude to the fans who had been waiting for me, and I thought this song would be perfect.”

He added, “I was so nervous right before the release. Fans told me about their struggles and it made me truly sad and I realized that I had made them wait for a long time. This made me think that I should work harder.” 

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The singer also spoke about the reason for making the tracks in English he explained that he realized that there were a lot of overseas fans who were waiting for his debut and so he thought of writing the songs in English for them. 

Speaking about “I just” Wonho expressed that he wanted to showcase his emotions with more clarity and so he kept the instrumentals to a  minimum and this song is one that shows his emotions. The alluring artist advised fans to listen to this serene song when they feel alone and need someone by their sides.

About “Lost In Paradise” the vocalist asserted that he wanted the focal point to be the lyricism, “I wrote this song on a great day alongside people that I like and because of this, it has a great energy to it.” On “Interlude: Runway” Wonho asserted that he composed the foot thumping track to create a different and electrifying vibe in the album.  

Wonho then introduced “WITH YOU” and said, “An artist called Jooyoung wrote this song while actually thinking of me. I thought it would be cool to perform this so I started working on it right away. The lyrics are quite sensual so I tried to convey it in that way.”

Besides this, the powerhouse performer had a string of surprises in store for Wenee, starting with a mesmerizing video montage of behind the scenes stills of “Losing You” and of the concept images. Wonho also hinted at the release of a performance version music video for “Open Mind” as well, “The music video only shows about half of choreography, right? I’m going to show you it a little later so please look forward to it.” 


Wonho then gave fans the ultimate surprise by announcing that he is preparing for an online concert wherein he will be showcasing new performances and will possibly introduce new tracks that are not a part of this album. The soloist will be serenading fans with his saccarine vocals in an upcoming online concert that will take place on September 27. 

The vocalist then concluded the debut showcase on a powerful note with a show stopping performance of “Open Mind“. 

Source: V Live | HIGHLINE Entertainment

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